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 Who is Xlson137?
 Xlson137 posted Больше года
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Asira said:
Xlson137 (or just Hilson) is a well-known publicist, Музыка performer and a little journalist. His main creative activity is Blogger (Although the artist is equally developing his musical style).

Hilson was officially born March 29, 2001 in Ukraine in the outback of Lviv. However, it also has Dutch roots. According to another version, Nikita spent half of his childhood before elementary school in Noord-Holland in the city of Ilpndam. By the way, his full name is Nikita Green Tretyak. He also has a brother, Vitaly Greenevich, who is actively involved in the Xlson137's video.

Like all normal children, Nikita was a calm child and in school years he was very carried away by creativity in all its manifestations. The main hobbies of a schoolboy at that time were - Drawing and Music. As a teenager, Nikita met Artem and Vova and together they founded the independent Xlson's Production team in 2010 (all the same, Xlson137 became a key figure). Later, due to repeated disagreements of colleagues and the intervention of the 4th participant Anton in the group, the union collapsed miserably, and the then authors went on different paths.

Immediately after leaving the group in 2016, Nikita does not give up his creative skills and completely and completely directs them to music. His first work was the track "Underground", which was recorded on March 28, 2016 with the support of producer Anarchy and the record company Xlson's Production. It was both a single and an album, because the track was created in the genre of Rap and was intended for the video game "Serious Sam: Underground 2012". Further in 2017, after a creative pause, an album of 12 tracks was titled "Days After Sunset...". From 2001 to the present, the career of an performer a la blogger continues.

The last time Hilson was seen several times in Moscow, however, this was back in 2018. But it is officially known that the blogger lives in the south of the Crimean peninsula in the city of Yalta, and often visits Holland.

*In 2014, Nikita was a Фан of Hip-Hop culture and therefore visited BreakDance groups and performed under the pseudonym "McInJoyFITe". However, Nikita threw a section in 2016.

*Nikita in 2014 with his comrades tried to get into an abandoned cemetery. All three were spotted there. But everything was shot on Nokia mobile phone, just after that Nikita got the nickname Blogger Hils.
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posted Больше года 
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