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posted by khanna266
Ashton had just walked back outside he looked around to see if Matrix или any of his demons were out."The coast is clear everybody Ты can all come out!"he yelled and all the others came running out."Alright let's find the others, and this time we'll all stick together." Jaime suggested and they all started searching."Do Ты think they're all okay?"Khanna worried,"I'm sure their fine Любовь besides they have Jake with them.He always protects everyone."Ashton smiled,"You really Любовь him don't you?"Khanna asked.Ashton turned his head facing her and сказал(-а) "More than anything, and Ты really Любовь all of us don't you?"he asked back,"Of course I do.You all are the only family I have and I can't imagine how I could live with myself if anything happened to any of you." she responded. Damn she really does care a lot about us.Ashton thought."Well that's why we're all going to find them."Ari сказал(-а) to cheer her up,"Thanks Ari"Khanna smiled and they all kept searching for the others.BANG! "Whoah! What was that!?"Khanna yelled terrified,"I don't know, but don't freak out! We'll all be alright.Everybody stay together!"Ari yelled "HaHaHaHa! Ashton. I found Ты pretty boy!" Matrix's voice echoed through the air, but he was nowhere to be seen."Where are you, Ты bloody coward!? Come out to where I can see your ugly face!"Ashton screamed searching for he might be."I'd be watching what I was saying if I were you.You would'nt want your precious boyfriend to get hurt no would you? Mwahahahaha!"he threatened him,"You fucking bastard leave Jake out of this! He's not the one Ты want!"Ashton yelled angrily,"Actually I would'nt mind making this sexy thing my arm Конфеты once I take Ты out of the picture."He taunted him,"You fucking cunt just stay away from my man!"Ashton yelled with еще anger than before,"Ashton! Don't worry about me I'll be fIne!"Jake yelled,"Jake! He hasn't touched Ты in any of the places I usually do has he my love?!"Ashton yelled crying a little,"Really out of all Вопросы to ask that's...nevermind.Well he has had an unusually tigt grip on my ass...will Ты let go Ты stupid perv!"Jake got very aggrivated,"Never it's so...soft"Matrix refused and squeezed harder."Alright that's it! Where the fuck are you!?"Ashton yelled еще angry then ever."Behind you."Matrix whispered in his ear,"Do Ты want your boyfriend prettyboy?"he had Jake's hands tied behind his back and blindfolded him.He was still holding his butt tightly and kissed his neck while staring at Ashton.Ashton clenched his fists and teeth tight."Stay.Away.From.My.Man!"Ashton ran at him and punched him right in the face"Why, Why are Ты doing this to me? Why do Ты fucking hate me so Goddamn much?!"he cried a little still angry,"Why? Why? Do Ты know how good of a life Ты have? Do Ты know how much so many people care for you? Ты have everything.You get everything Ты want Ты spoiled, rotten, stupid little pretty boy. I ENVY you.That's why I hate you"he bursted out with anger and shot a plasma ball at him and hit him in the stomach."Agh! Ты bloody bastard I don't have everything.I wanted a normal life where I can be able to have a normal job.A normal relationship where me and my boyfriend can actually finish our dates for once.Have a normal conversation.A normal life, but I have a responsibility.A responsibility to take care of the ones I love.I have learned to enjoy it because I care for them.You could try harder to get the things Ты want Ты know there's no need t hate me."He got up and stared over at Jake and tried to go untie him."No!"Matrix threw another fireball at him."Agh!"Ashton yelled in pain."Ashton! Wait why didn't I try this before."he phased through the rope that was tying his hands and took off the blindfold Matrix put on him.He then ran towards Ashton and held him in his arms."Babe, are Ты alright?"he moved a piece of his hair out of his face."Yeah babe, i'm fine."Ashton grunted he then saw Matrix about to throw another plasmaball and pushed Jake out of the way.The plasmaball then hit him and he fell to the ground."Ashton!"Jake ran toward him"babe please be okay." He cried"I am, get...Ari" Ashton then fainted.

"Ashton? Ashton? Are Ты awake?"Ari was checking if he was
okay"W-What happened?"he got up slowly he was lying in постель, кровати at home,"Matrix hit Ты with too many plasma balls and Ты passed out."she explained"Where's Jake?"he asked"Right here babe" he had just walked into the room"Um...Ari do Ты mind letting us talk in private?"he asked,"Sure"she left and shut the door on the way out."You feeling any better?"he sat down on the постель, кровати right Далее to him."yeah" he stared right into his щенок dog brown eyes"Those things should be illegal Ты know."Jake looked confused "what should?"he asked,"those sexy eyes of yours they make me get so weak, but in a good way."he moved a piece of hair out of his eyes and Jake then grabbed his and said"Don't ever scare me like that ever again, Ты idiot"he then grabbed Ashton's head and pulled into his chest."I did it because I Любовь Ты Jake.I didn't want Ты to get hurt."he then wrapped his arms around his neck and laid his head on his shoulder."You could have died out there?"Jake cried,"I've never seen Ты cry before Jake I don't like seeing Ты crying"Ashton сказал(-а) as he rubbed his soft cheek."I'm crying because I'm in Любовь with Ты Ashton, so I've made a decision I'm going to Переместить in with Ты that way I can always protect you."he then jammed his lips up against Ashton's."I would'nt mind Ты living with me that way I can do what I'm about to do to Ты everynight babe"Ashton said....
(I'll leave the rest to your imagination😆)(I Любовь doing this😄)
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“Really? Again?”
Blade smirked at the black-haired firecaster, whose cheeks had begun to turn pink.
“I thought Ты liked our game last night, Fin,” she said, raising an eyebrow.
Fin blushed even harder. “Well, we don’t need to play it again!”
“Why not?” Alek asked. “It’ll be fun!”
Fin sighed. “All right.” She took the bottle off of the кухня counter, and everyone arranged themselves in a circle, with the bottle in the middle. They all sat there, staring at it, until Aisling spoke.
“So...who wants to go first?”
Everyone looked at each other, willing the others to...
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