Young Justice OC'S!!! PAINTBALL!

MercyYJ posted on Aug 19, 2012 at 10:02PM
Kay, so.... I got this idea last night and I've already written some! And this one, I'm serious about!! I need around 5 people (6 or 7 would be fine too!) to join if they want!
Basically, this is how it works!:
It's a giant, high-tech paintball tournament held once every 5 years in an abandoned town in Illinois. There are 7 teams:

Red: The most popular, they win almost every year and filled with the most experienced.

Green: The techies, they use technology to their advantage but only the best survive the longest.

Blue: The ninjas, they hide and don't shoot as much... Just... be ninjas?

Yellow: The losers. (Sorry! Had to add that!) They are the ones with the least amount of experience in shooting. They play for the fun of it, though!

Brown: The backstabbers, they seem nice at first, but will usually end up breaking promises and doing whatever they can to win.

Orange: The normals! They aren't the best... But they aren't the worst!

Purple: (off limits, sorry!) The team that Mercy's on... It's complicated!

So, yeah! All I need will be:
What team:
Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10):
**Don't worry about clothing, the teams will have certain outfits!**
Yep! that's it!! Wow, that's a lot! Yay!

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Больше года MercyYJ said…
OH! One last thing! I also need what position they might have! Like:
Back-up Captain
Control Center

Больше года Robin_Love said…

Tara aka Midnight headed for the Green team preferablly!!!

Appearance: brown hair always up, brown eyes
Personality: shy and sweet, but dangerous
What team:GREEN!!! XD
Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10): Uhjhhh.....10 if that's the best!
 OKAY!!!! Tara aka Midnight headed for the Green team preferablly!!! Appearance: brown hair alwa
Больше года ScarletYJ said…
Scarlet hopefully on the orange team cause she's not bad but she's not great either

Appearance: long orange hair (usually worn in a ponytail or pigtail), brown eyes ( but she wears purple contacts), 5'8"

Personality: stubborn, hot-tempered, kind, shy, serious (only when she needs to be), loves to antaganize opponents

What team: Orange

Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10): uhh she's about a 6

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Больше года MafiaYJ said…
Appearance: Red hair reaching her shoulder blades, fair skin, 5'6, gold or green eyes,

Personality: sophisticated, wise, doesn't understand american customs, worries about others, doesnt like seeing other ppl die or get hurt. Sad most of the tome, but Poison Fire/ Burke can make her smile, sly, dangerous, quiet, leadering command

What team: Red

Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10): 10

Captain! whoop!
Больше года BladeYJ said…
Appearance: blonde hair 2 in. Below her shoulders, red eyes, 5'10, light tan skin, there..

Personality: bitchy.. Good sport sometimes.. Likes to talk trash.. Sneaky.. Will do anything to win!!

What team: Brown! >;)

Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10): 10000!

Erm .. Captian- back up

Bladey Boo OUT FOR WAR!!! v ;)
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 Appearance: blonde hair 2 in. Below her shoulders, red eyes, 5'10, light tan skin, there.. Persona
Больше года MercyYJ said…
OOC: This question is for Tara and Scarlet- what positions do you want to have on your teams? Thanks!
Больше года godmor said…

Appearance: Blond hair and bleuw eyes

Personality: Lolyal, a bit of a hot head, short temperd,

What team: Green

Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10): 10, he is cald gunfire fore a good reson

Captain i think, beceas he hase exparance working and leading a team, also dit tactikcal stuff fore Joker so thad should come in handy.
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Больше года AislingYJ said…
Appearance: 5'8", solid build, shoulder length wavy dark brown hair that she ALWAYS wears in a ponytail, blue-green eyes, freckles
Personality: quiet, tomboyish, seems tough but sensitive and caring, doesn't like to show strong emotions (sadness) or be seen as weak
What team: eh, probably yellow or orange.
Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10): probably a 6.5 or 7...
Position: Private or scout.. wait, what's control center?
Больше года InfinityYJ said…
Appearance: black hair, blue/gold eyes (just use gold), thin, short
Personality: female robin with anger issues (I don't do personality!! okay!! i hope this works for you.)
What team: blue. NINJA!
Shooting Skill (scale of 1-10): 8
Position: Private
Больше года MercyYJ said…
big smile
@Aisling- Someone who stays in their team control center and monitors everything
Больше года MercyYJ said…
big smile
Aaaannnnddd.... I gotta close it now! Thanks everyone!