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Mclovin_69 posted on Sep 21, 2012 at 08:36PM
so i know i havent been writting in a while and im kinda rusty but basically i was making an article that the boys and the girls get seperated in two different worlds and they have to figure out the way out, but what really turns out to happen is guys are in their own side of the world and girls are on their own sides, so basically the team has to figure out how to get the opposite genders back together including themselves, so basically the moral of this is showing how much the girls need the guys and how much the boys need the girls.

Info i need well i need dis


Hero Name:



Relationship or siblings:


Hero Outfit:


Skills and powers:

and a picture pwease i have a certain limit so hurry hurry :3

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Больше года CoaxochYJ said…
Name: Melissa "Mel" Adams

Hero Name: Coaxoch

Age: 13

Gender: Female!

Relationship or siblings: Corri!

Appearance: 5'8, Green eyes, Black hair.

Hero Outfit: Civies!

Civvies: Grey sweatshirt, jeans.

Skills and powers: Levitation, Flight(Wings), Pickpocket

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Больше года Eclipse-YJ said…
Name: Phoebe Katia Shanelle Alice Spade (Rouge)

Hero Name: Eclipse (or Alice to people who went to Arkham Asylum)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Relationship or siblings: Married to Dylan Spade :D

Appearance: Short blacky-brown hair, deep green eyes, usualy wears dark eye make-up, slim and sexy figure.

Hero Outfit: Pic

Civvies: Black heels, striped tights, black lacey shorts and top, wrist gloves, Omega charm on her necklace

Skills and powers:Extremely Powerful Magic (which she can do almost anything with), Black Wings, Adamantium Skin and Finger Nail Claws (30cm), Good Gymnast, street fighter and kung fu artist, She is trained to use guns and swords to a very high rate and also most fighting styles, carrys a Vorpal Blade (that can kill anyone or thing), Butterfly Dodge (her body turns into blue and black butterflys for a moment to move out of the way of something), Extreme senes, super strenght (in adamantium mode), smoke travling (body turns into jet of black smoke), Has lots of different dresses some woth specil abilitys, makes potions and has spell books and magic items, pet raven called roulette and an X-jet (black bird RS-37), daughter/reincanation of God and the Devil
 Name: Phoebe Katia Shanelle Alice лопата (Rouge) Hero Name: Eclipse (or Alice to people who went t
Больше года InfinityYJ said…
Name: Kyra Grayson (unknown)

Hero Name: Infinity-- Fin

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Relationship or siblings: Sibs: Robin, Delta, Devin (dunno if they're used)

Appearance: ong, black hair, going down a little past her waist. When she’s in civvies she ‘shortens’ it to about mid-back. Her bangs cover the left side of her face. blue eyes, always covered by either a mask or sunglasses. She’s thin, really thin, and a little shorter than Robin (however tall he is).

Hero Outfit: Bronze-gold minidress, domino mask, black high-heeled boots, fingerless gloves, black utility belt

Civvies: Pink or black hoodie-shirt, jean shorts, black converse, sunglasses, white fedora

Skills and powers: fire, flight, telepathy, ability to change appearance. She has a secret ‘power storage’ for the powers she accidentally absorbs from people, but doesn’t like to talk about it because she thinks that people will think of her as a threat. Oh, and phoenix mode, which is basically her like burning holes in everything she touches.
Bo staff, throwing stuff, and hand-to-hand

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 Name: Kyra Grayson (unknown) Hero Name: Infinity-- Fin Age: 13 Gender: Female Relationshi
Больше года BentleyYJ said…
ooc\; okay
Больше года Obscurity98 said…
Name: Harley Mei Kent

Hero Name: Obscurity

Age: 14 6months

Gender: female

Relationship or siblings: Genesis her 10 yr old created sister, Superman has her DNA and Batman treaates her like a daughter

Appearance: long black hair ,tan skin, black eyes,5'2

Hero Outfit: Pic minus mask, and its black, not brown

Civvies: Second pic

Skills and powers:
Element control, super strength, flight, invulnerability, Agility, hand to hand combat, swords man ship, whips
 Name: Harley Mei Kent Hero Name: Obscurity Age: 14 6months Gender: female Relationship или
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Больше года AislingYJ said…
Issit too late for me to join???
Name: Aisling Carter
Hero Name: Dimension (not really used)
Age: 15
Gender: female!
Relationship or siblings: None! Well she used to date Jackson, if that's important, idk.
Appearance: about 5’8” or 5’9”, solid build, short wavy dark brown hair that she always wears in a ponytail, blue-green eyes, freckles, pale skin
Hero Outfit: see pic
Civvies: purple hoodie sweatshirt, baggy black sweatpants, black vans
Powers: flight, strength, and her main power is that she can gauge measurements such as distance, speed, time, etc.
Skills: martial arts/hand-to-hand combat, sometimes uses knives, her gauging power gives her an amazing sense of direction, and she can create an accurate mental map of any place she’s been before.
 Issit too late for me to join??? Name: Aisling Carter Hero Name: Dimension (not really used) Age:
Больше года XxKFforeverXx said…
Name: Brendan Adams

Hero Name: Fang

Age: 15

Gender: Male.

Relationship or siblings: ALMOSTTT married to Devin. We're almost there.

Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, 16 black wings..about 6'2

Hero Outfit: PICTURE :3

Civvies: Black sweatshirt, jeans, and black and white checkered vans.

Skills and powers: Flight (wings) hand to hand combat, when he stands still long enough, he turns invisible.

I can't get on the computer right now, but when I can I'll post a picture..