Young Justice OC'S!!! Who are You?

The_Writer posted on Oct 07, 2012 at 11:27PM
Out of every single YJI character (S1 or 2) who do you see yourself as?

Robin 1
Robin 2
Robin 3
Blue Beetle
Miss Martian
Lagoon Boy
Kid Flash
Miss Martian

I personally see myself as Nightwing. I mean, we have just about everything in common except I have morals, don't wear tights, and don't go around sleeping with every girl I can.

But who are you?

Young Justice OC'S!!! 15 Ответы

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Больше года SilverWingsYJ said…
OOC: Defiantly Impulse. Talks too fast. Can't sit still. Plenty of people find annoying. Him or Robin uno.
Больше года InfinityYJ said…
OOC: Probs Megan when she was younger, back in season one. I don't like to talk around people much and I'm kinda shy but if I'm around people I know well and love, I can't seem to shut up or stop being annoying. ^~^
Больше года Punk__Heart said…
Superboy, cause I have a short temper and usually end up wanting to punch something when I'm pissed
Больше года The_Writer said…
That's who else I'd be. I have a temper. Ask anyone :P
Больше года ArtemisYJ said…
Hmm im a big mix of them all
Cassie- Enthusiastic about what I do and obviously I'm an adorable godessxD
Kidflash- Food....I like that shit
Artemis- thoughtful sarcastic and passionate

Больше года The_Writer said…
LOL at Cassie!!!
Больше года Obscurity98 said…
Definitely Superboy, u never want to see me angry, ask EVERYONE in my town
o maybe some kind of no, yeah just Superboy, i relate to no one else, maybe Kaldur, all the expectations. not one understands...that kinda think i guess...
Больше года LorenZZ said…
Kid Flash because always i go sleep very fast but waking up take me more time
Больше года CoaxochYJ said…
Mix of a bunch of characters! -----> CAKE

Wondergirl- I saved two lives :D Whatevs I had to point that out.

Blue Beetle- Stupid voice in the back of my head trying to tell me wha to do... pfft!

Superboy- NO ONE WANTS TO SEE ME MAD BRAH. Im mad, people get hurt.

Artemis- Saxy, Thoughtful, sarcastic, caring

Kid Flash- FOOD IS DELICIOUS. Faster than anyone I know. SOUVINIER!!! I hash a bunch. X3

Hope I didnt break any rules by doing multiple....

But anyways, Overall,

Больше года The_Writer said…
If you saved two people's lives, point it out. :)

MY WORD!!!!!!!

Больше года Gunfire said…
Defenatly Blue Beetle , always arguwing whit my self.
Больше года ShadowYJ said…
OOC: Hmmm THIS IS TRICKY! I'm like a mix of nearly all of them!

Well believe it or not, but I look a lot like Zatanna, except I have brown eyes. (That was only in appearance wise)

I'm kind of like Artemis, bit sarcastic.

I talk to myself (Pretty much a lot) Like Blue beetle

Kind of hyper like Impulse (I literally can't shut up)

A bit like kidflash (S1 for this one), I'm no early bird, plus I just love food! Also a bit immature.

But in some ways, I'm a LOT like Batgirl. In abilities, skills and leadership and a lot of other things.

So pretty much nearly a mix of everything like i said, but if you want a definite answer I pretty much relate to batgirl.

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Больше года BentleyYJ said…
Ooc: um prob like miss m for the shy part but can be a bit willin to break the rules like zatanna lol I guess
Больше года SouthYJ said…
Uhm Supey.. (anger problems) I'm serious... for a chick.. I WILL F*** SHIZZ UP!! xD But Cassie too cos I AM REALLY HYPER.. >.< And blonde!!
Больше года Eclipse-YJ said…
OOC: I'm Cassie hyper and self confident half the time, the other half I'm either talking to myself about how I could be better and always failing T_T