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InfinityYJ posted on Oct 30, 2012 at 06:50PM
Alright! I can't say much, but after Minis is over, I'm starting a new story, called:
Ebony Flame in Crimson Darkness
It takes place two years in the future, so yeah...
I won't put a limit on this... *rolls on floor* (that'll be my fatal mistake.)
Name (known/unknown):
Hero Name (in two years:)
Age (in two years):
Small Bio:
Powers and/or skills:
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Больше года AislingYJ said…
Name (known/unknown): Aisling Carter, known
Hero Name (in two years:) Dimension
Age (in two years): 17
Appearance: 5'10", solid build, wavy dark brown hair upper chest length, blue-green eyes, freckles
Civvies: I don't knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww......sw­eat­shi­rt, baggy pants, blah blah.
Personality: you know this by heart. I really shouldn't have to tell you. Anyway, I'm too lazy, so whatever.
Small Bio: found at age 8 by Kaos, tried to give powers at age 10, escaped, on the run, found team, hacked mind, killed Axxis, blah blah blah blah blah. Small enough for you?
Notes: ...what?
Powers and/or skills: gauges measurements, flight, strength, archery (she finally got it down..xD), mental maps, navigation, hand-to-hand combat, etc.
Sorry this bio sucks, I'm freaking lazy.
Больше года BentleyYJ said…
Name: Rowan heyywood , known

Hero name: augmentboy

Age( in two years): 17

Appearnace: he has purple hair and eyes

Civvies: Idk haven't rlly thought bout it

Personality: he is very caring but shy around aisling sometimes lawl
he's a cadmus experiment and his parents tested on him making him have his powers

Powers/skills: some skill in hand to ha combat and can multiply into another but thing is the next multiple has like red or yellow hair an eyes. ( he has his limits in multiplication)

Больше года XxKFforeverXx said…
Name (known/unknown): Brendan Adams, known
Hero Name (in two years:) Fang
Age (in two years): 18
Appearance: black hair, brown eyes, around 6'2, 16 foot black wings with purple streaks.
Civvies: Black sweatshirt, jeans and black vans
Personality: drawn back, doesn't show much emotion
Relationship: married to Devin *evil grin* No. That doesn't give you a right to pick on Fin!
Small Bio: Escaped from the School, ran around with the flock, joined the team, and yeah.
Notes: Don't touch his wings. PLEASE.
Powers and/or skills: Flight (wings), if he stands still long enough, he'll turn invisible.
Больше года SilverWingsYJ said…
First article for GL jr!

Name (known/unknown): Tanner Mason

Hero Name (in two years:) Green Lantern

Age (in two years): 18

Appearance: light brown hair, hazel eyes, 6'2" tall, 170 lbs

Civvies: colored tee, flannel, slacks, tennis shoes

Personality: humorous, doesn't take a lot of things too seriously, follows orders well, focused, determined.

Relationship: none

Small Bio: Tanner grew up near an air base with his parents. He hung around the air base a lot, learning to fly and repair planes, and caught Hal Jordon's eye. Hal recruited him when he was 15. He assists Tanner in his training. He enlisted him onto the YJ team so that he can interact with heros his age and train with them.

Notes: spends a lot of time off world helping the Lantern Core

Powers and/or skills: GL powers. And a great mechanic and pilot.
Больше года Obscurity98 said…
Name: Known, Harley Mei Kent

Hero Name (in two years:) Obscurity

Age (in two years): 16

Appearance: 5'2 LONG black hair, olive skin, black eyes, retractable cat claws, feminine but masculine look

Civvies: black V neck that doesn't cover stomach. Jean shorts, combat boots

Personality: serious, big time flirt, loves quiet, strong willed, wont take know for an answer, will submit if she knows its best, angry and short tempered, laughs at almost every thing, doesnt like to see people hurt, vengeful, willing to sacrifice herself

Relationship: Widowed to Skylar McKenzie, single

Small Bio: Created by man, not god nor born, escaped The Labs at young age and joined YJ at the age of 14, though she did crime fighting work at a young age.

Notes: Superman and Batman are her surrogate fathers. Lived in both their homes at some point now lives at cave, and when older live in a house Bruce got her. Superboy is like her brother.

Powers and/or skills: Flight, Invulnerability, super strength, control of elements, cat like behavior, can morph into a large tigress ( but when she shifts back human she's naked), acrobatic agility, seords, whips, and hand to hand combat
Больше года The_Writer said…
Name: Samuel Grant
Hero Name: Red Revenge/"The Black Hero"
Age: Keep it at 25. Otherwise, you'd have way too many spoilers.
Appearance: 6' 2" around 200lbs (all of which is muscle) blue eyes, dark long hear with blonde streaks exposed when he is sweaty. What girls commonly refer to as "hot".
(As Samuel Grant:) Funny, happy, outgoing. Not afraid to show his love or compassion for people, will stand up for others and won't back down when in a fight (physical or verbal)
(As Red Revenge:) Think Batman, except violenter and willing to kill if it gets the job done. (This takes place during WHAT MATTERS)
Status: Single (for now. >:)
Small bio: When Sam was 12, his father was killed by being dropped from the top of his own tower (Grant Tower) After gathering information for six months, Sam took his father's killer (later known as Reaper) to court. That failed and Sam became Red Revenge. For the first year of Red Revenge's life, no one knew he existed. He was called into the public spotlight by saving the city heroically. His first girlfriend, Rose Walker (Vendicta) left him to join an international Freedom Fighters group and later became the boyfriend of the U.K. Red Revenge. Ryan Slavaderez (Eagle) was a 12 year old who was Sam's sidekick for six months until Reaper killed him. Revenge worked solo for 18 months before meeting assassin Holly Green (later known as Emerald). They became partners fr 5 years. She abandoned him after a failed mairraige proposal and learning he had a plan to take her down. Currently single and very reckless, violent now that Holly is gone. Attempting relationship again with Barbara Gordon.
NOTES: Unlike other comic book characters of the same name, Sam is by far NOT GAY!!! He pretends to despise his alter ego "Red Revenge". He is on friendly terms with Blue Beetle, Batgirl (now Oracle) and partially Robin as well as Ravager. Arch-nemesis is Shade (Becca)
Powers/Skills: No powers. No real skills except fierce determination, loyalty, and stubborn as an ass. To be short, every single weapon Batman, GA, GL, or the U.S. could come up with along EITH tracking systems and a bullet/stab proof body suit.
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Больше года Eclipse-YJ said…
Name (known/unknown): Ariel Saskia Moon
Hero Name (in two years:) Bubble Blast
Age (in two years): 17
Appearance: Long Green hair, blue eyes, mid height, pale skin, nice bodie
Civvies: Cream sweater with black chinese letters on them, pale blue jean shorts, cream knee lenght wool socks and pale ble converse's
Personality: She can be shy around new people but most of the time is bubbly and happy, she is raely down and always hopeful even in the darkest of times
Relationship: Girlfriend to Zeth
Small Bio: She was just a normal hipster kid untill an emotional over load ended up with her burning down her school gym, after discovering she was a mutant she when to the xavier school for gifted mutants, trained joined YJ then in the darkess of nights the blue power ring of hope reached out to her
Powers and/or skills:Blue power ring, super human strenght, energy bubbles/orbs made of any element ect Zinc, gold, wood, crystal, ice, she can only summon fire when she is really really angry ect she can doing anything with her energy bubbles
Больше года CoaxochYJ said…
CAKE! ------------------------------------------­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­---­--&­gt;­

Name (known/unknown): Ciel Norrian, known
Hero Name (in two years:) Harmonian
Age (in two years): 18
Appearance: Normal build, Amethyst eyes, Snow white hair.
Civvies: Jeans, grey sweatshirt.
Personality: Closed up. Determined.
Relationship: Single. Plans on staying that way.
Small Bio: Parents killed at young age, self trained, joined the team.
Notes: Doesn't warm up to you right away. Even if he doesn't know you, he will protect you with his life.
Powers and/or skills: Can create anything with a special song. Stealthy.
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Больше года ReneYJ said…
big smile
Name (known/unknown): Rene Kenna Oshea
Hero Name (in two years:) none
Age (in two years): 19
Appearance: red/brown hair down 3/4 back, brown eyes, pale skin, 5 foot 5
Civvies: gray wedges, Mickey Mouse sweater, jeans, chain necklace
Personality: : Energetic, loves adventures, enthusiastic and crazy sometimes. Has the mind and spirit of an 8 year old at times, but is reliable when needed most. Loving and caring, but sometimes troubled
Relationship: I have no idea if she'll still be with Twan or not
Small Bio: Joker murdered mom on 16th B-day, moved to Gotham, determined to kill Joker (even though it's not possible)
Notes: Always friendly, doesn't like it when friends fight, and loves a good paintball or watergun fight
Powers and/or skills: Sorceress, Gymnast, 2nd degree black belt in Karate, uses gun and sword as well
Больше года InfinityYJ said…
I guess it's closed now. :3