Young Justice OC'S!!! Footloose Auditions

BentleyYJ posted on Dec 07, 2012 at 03:06AM
alright so mcl here heyyyyy XD okay so i got the idea by seeing a school play you all gotta know footloose right....? well some of you- at least SOMEONE has to know XD haha okay so you can put 3 characters and write down the role that you think that they can play and are most like

Ren: Bentley- hes played as Bent because he acts VERY similar to him believe me im not giving him this role becuase its the main role ren was the inspiration of me making Bent partially.

Ariel Moore: Silverwings- i was thinking she would play Ariel though she is very misguided and confused in the beggining of the movie i think thats a good role for her becuase shes had a tone of loses in her life and so has Ariel and her brother is Bobby who died.

Urleen: Urleen she is one of Ariels best friends in the play and she can be very funny and sassy. ( need a role for her )

Rusty: she is another of Ariels best friends she is very sassy and funny and has something going of with Willy. ( need a role for her)

Willard Hewit ( Willy): he is very funny and says things that can make anybody laugh and is one of Rens good friends( need a role for him)

Jeter: he is very funny like Willy and is another of Wrens friends ( need a role for him)

Lyle: he is another of Rens friends and is very funny too ( need a role for him)

Garvin: friend of Travis less jerky and is funny too ( need a role for him)

Travis: is Rens enemy has a love intrest with Ariel but is very mean and rude to her, he hurts her once and is a jerk ( need a role for him)

Bickle: is Travis's friend less jerky and is funny ( need a role for him)

and thats the casting list so comment here and ill decide but will probably say yes HURRY HURRY XD and yes i promise ill finish SASO first Mercy.....XD okay so YEAHHHHHH SIGN HER UPPPPPPP :P

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Больше года BeccaYJ said…
((Rusty for Becca. And I'm making Tyler be Willy because...I am XD Becca dances a lot but, as you know, she is a sass master)) Right. THAT'S what I am. ((see? Anyways...yeah!))
Больше года InfinityYJ said…
((Fin can be sassy like Urleen)) 'Cuse me? ((.....Shut up you. She's pretty agile, and can kinda dance? *shrug* only if you want her))
Больше года ReneYJ said…
((Rene could be Urleen, seeing she's funny.... I guess. Yo can make her sassy If yah want.))