Young Justice OC'S!!! Swords and Shields Online Season 2 sign up ( no same characters)

Mclovin_69 posted on Dec 15, 2012 at 02:13AM
so heres season 2...... :P hahahah okay so heres the info i need and also no they can log out of this game okay :0 dont need to worry hahahah :P

Online Name:
Age in 2 years:
what element are you most like? ( choose from here please nature,water,sky,volcano, snow also info below):
Appearance in video game ( maybe different from who they appear in reality would be nice):
Weapon ( sword, bow and arrow, staff ):
Picture of new appearance pleasee :)

Nature beings: Nature beings are able to heal and talk to animals, they wear green mainly.

Water beings: Water beings have the ability to control water near them, even make it rain, they mainly wear dark blue and black.

Sky beings: sky beings have the ability of flight, but cant fly for long so they have a limit, they are stealthy little buggers if i had to say, they mainly wear gold and white.

Snow beings: snow beings have the ability to freeze their enemies even in the hottest of weather and can camoflauge themselves for a limit of time. main colours worn are white and ice blue.

Volcano beings: Volcano beings have the abilty to cast spells that often mess with any of the elements, they are known as the bad guys and are able to burn other cold beings at their touch. main colours worn red, black, and gold.

Moon beings: " extinct beings unknown about.

so you can choose from those 5 but not a moon being okay? lol

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