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GlitterPuff posted on Jan 13, 2013 at 03:02AM
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So….. Here’s the jist of it: Rene thinks its 1815 and she’s looking for her “father” (Jean Valjean) because she’s “Cosette”. She’s literally in the musical/movie and in the time period… I need some people to pretend to be certain characters…. A few of you might end up being people trying to make her think straight… If you wanna do that, just say so in your comment. Now…. FILL OUT THE STUFFZ I GIVE-ITH YOU!!! (you can add as many of your oc’s as you would like, but not everyone will be used) AND SIGN UP QUICKLY

Characters (choose 1 that you would like your character to pretend to be):

Jean Valjean- was a slave for 20 years for stealing bread and trying to break out of the slave place, was mayor of a town, keeps identity away from her (he actually dies, but I’ll make her come to before that) CHOSEN!

Javert- obsessed with catching Jean Valjean for his crimes (dies in end, same concept with Jean Valjean) CHOSEN!

Marius- “boyfriend”? Kinda… it’s like true love at first sight… ( no kissing will be involved ) CHOSEN!

Madame Thernardier- Innkeeper’s wife, took care of Cosette as a child CHOSEN!

Thernardier- Innkeeper, took care of Cosette, very sneaky and mean (same with wife)CHOSEN

Eponine- In love with Marius, but he doesn’t love her back (does die, same concept as others) CHOSEN!
I need very very very vivid descriptions please!!!!!





Character Choice: (or other choice)

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Больше года FangYJ said…
((I love your articles..but I'm sorry. I can't make myself fill this out..why? Because I hate Lés Miserables. I SOWWY! I really do like your articles..I just...I just can't fill it out!))
Больше года BladeYJ said…
Name: Blade Howard

Appearance: Blonde short hair that's about shoulder length, she has red eyes and light tan skin. Her facial expression is always fierce even if she's smiling. Her bangs constantly fall in her face so she always has to push them away.

Personality: Very good at interrogation and hunting people down. Never gives up even when people doubt her. She refuses to let her target go, Blade is also good at smooth talking, but she's also a bitch.

Civvies: A fitted white top that comes to her stomach and shorts and a blood red cloak with a black cross that usually covers her body most of her time unless she's running.. she wears black leather boots and has a small short sword. And a bandage that covers her injured eye. YES i gave her an injured eye in this because I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! XD If you want me to change her civvies I have another idea for them!

Character Choice: (or other choice) Javert
Yes I know Javert is a BOY but...

That image matches the clothes somewhat except the mechanical arm and her hair is not THAT short.
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 Name: Blade Howard Appearance: Blonde short hair that's about shoulder length, she has red eyes a
Больше года Eclipse-YJ said…
((Can we do a benderbend on Jean? Benderbends make the story line little different and also changed the story to be a little of your own and plus Jean can be a girls name too ;) ))
Больше года SilverWings13 said…
*squeals w/ excitement* This is gonna be epic!
Name: Emily Weston

Appearance: straight dark brown hair- almost black- that reaches the small of her back. Topaz-blue eyes. Wings of 15-foot wingspan- almost completely white with black dapples on the primary feathers (if you don't want her to have wings for this, you can just use an AU-100% human her).

Personality: Quiet and sly. A bit insecure. Passionate and always pulls through in the end.

Civvies: Black dress that reaches just above her knees. Dark purple bow that ties her hair back in a ponytail.

Character Choice: EBONY please!
Больше года GlitterPuff said…
Yes, you can do a Benderbend on Jean.... I ALLOW IT!!! *giggles* Ah this is gonna be so fun! And a lot faster to write once I get the characters!
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Больше года Eclipse-YJ said…
Name: Phoebe Rouge-Spade

Appearance: Dark black-brown with a side fringe that covers her eye, deep green eyes, dark eye makeup, slender but strong body, pale skin, her nails are silver and made of adamantium (metal), she has black pearly feathered wings with a large foot span but she can hide her wings from sight

Personality: She doesn't show almost any emotion apart from to the people she knows very very well and trusts, kind of robot like but she is strong willed and always knows what to do

Civvies: (Picture)

Character: Jean Valjean
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 Name: Phoebe Rouge-Spade Appearance: Dark black-brown with a side fringe that covers her eye, deep
Больше года SilverWings13 said…
OH, and Ebony's dad is Thénardier. ~total know-it-all~
Больше года AislingYJ said…
Omgomgomgomg I love this movie!! And I kinda ship Jean and that wrong? And I like Ebony with hot freckles dude (what's his name? I forget) better than him with Cosette. idk why….BEST MOVIE EVERRRRR
Uh…Oh yeah, his name is Marius. I wuv himmmmmm~ he has pretty eyesssss Anyway…ooh can I use genderbent!Ash? Pwease? He has matching eyesssssssssssss….
Name: Ashton Carter
Appearance: solid, tall (about 6'2" or 6'3"), wavy dark brown hair, blue-green eyes, freckles
Personality: quiet, a little shy, can be weird/random when he's around his best friends, clumsy, loyal, tough on the outside but is caring on the inside, has some insecurities that he tries to hide, doesn't really like to show extreme sadness. Oh, and he LOVES grapes. Don't ask.
Civvies: black or gray hoodie sweatshirt, baggy black sweatpants, sneakers
Character Choice: (or other choice) What's-his-name hot freckles dude! Uh…Marius! Yeah, that guy! *giggles*
Больше года Gunfire said…
Name: Twan, Gunfire

Appearance: spykey blond hiar, bleuw eyes, bit snelder.

Personality: protective, agresif, loylal.

Civvies: Black leather jacked, red shirt, jeans, sneakers.

Character Choice: inkeeper, or atherwise, you can choise.
Больше года GlitterPuff said…
The only other choice left is Madame Thenardier!!! And people that would like to try and fix Rene....
Больше года AislingYJ said…
((I can't be the only one who ships Jean Valjean and Javer, right? Or has Tumblr just seriously messed with my head, so now I start shipping everyone I see?))
Больше года ReneYJ said…
((@Ash I dunno...))
Больше года Gunfire said…
Name: Tess

Appearance: long blond hiar, bleuw eyes, bit slender.

Personality: sarcastik, sassy, agresif, hase a shoot first ask qwetions later aditut.

Civvies: depens on the situwation, mosly somting short, thouw she also whears robes when she wants to stay incospicuwaous.

Character Choice: try and fix Rene....
Больше года AislingYJ said…
((Meh, probably just Tumblr. ^.^ I still ship it though.))
Больше года GlitterPuff said…
big smile
Okay! I wanna submit my character!!!! *giggles*
Name: Amethyst (Rocky)

Appearance: Pale skin, purple hair that goes down her back and bangs that cover her right eye, purple eyes, about 5 foot 4 inches, slim body build, very skinny (can see a lot of her bones)

Personality: Serious, slightly anti-social, paranoid (when people try to touch her), sweet hearted, kind, stressed

Civvies: black ski mask, sky blue infinity scarf, black long sleeved shirt, light brown parka, sky blue gloves with grips, regular colored skinny jeans, black high heel boots

Character Choice: (or other choice) Madame Thernardier!

Больше года GlitterPuff said…
Больше года KatRox1 said…
Just gonna say this cause it's gonna bug me... It's "Eponine", not "Ebony"
Больше года SilverWings13 said…
*facepalms* I fail.