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SilverWings13 posted on Feb 25, 2014 at 01:03AM
I feel like everyone in the club used to be like one big happy family, but we're not as close-nit now. Is it just me that thinks that? Either way, this could be an opportunity to get to know each other better.

If you were a part of the team..
1. What ability (power or skill) would you have?
2. What would your costume look like?
3. Who would your role model/ mentor be?

Canon YJ
4. Who's you're favorite member of the team?
5. Which is better, Season 1 or Season 2?
6. Who do you think should have lead the season 1 team? Was Kaldur a good enough leader?

(You can answer with your own or anyone else's)
7. Which character do you think you're most like?
8. If you were on the team, who would be your first friend (excluding canons)?
9. Who would you date? (Yeah, these questions are getting personal now. Don't be shy ;) )
10: Which AU would you write the characters in if you had the time/energy/inspiration?

11: Which superhero universe do you prefer(DC, Marvel, etc.?)
12: I love you guys!

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Больше года SilverWings13 said…
Lead by example?
1. Telekinesis (moving objects with your mind)
2. Probably a light weight sort of armor, and a cloak to go over it, preferably light blue and black. A headset that doubles as headphones would be sick. 
3. Martian Manhunter, maybe. He's the only telekinetic I can think of.
4. I live them all so much, but... I like M'gann a lot coz she's a total sweetheart and way stronger than everyone thinks.
5. Season 1. I like that we got to know the characters more. Plus it was so much less tragic, and I thought the plot was thicker.
6. Kaldur was the right leader. I think M'gann could have been a good candidate if she was more confident.
7. Cameron's character Blade Howard. We're basically the same spaztasitc, sassy, awkward, food-obsessed person.
8. Maybe Cane's character Alex, coz I usually get along with the jokesters the most. Plus we're the same age. I think (KB's character?) Ashley and I would become fast friends.
9. If he weren't married, and I wasn't such a dweeb, probably Cammy's Tyler. He's fabulous~ Him or Gianna's Terror. Seriously, who wouldn't?
10. Zombie apocalypse all the way!
11. My loyalties lie with DC.
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Robin_Love commented…
.........I AGREE WITH NUMBER 5!!! And I have to say, as far as Terror goes, I know the feeling. (Terror: You're a sadistic creeper. Leave me alone) Uh..that was to me. Because I Любовь plotting how to hurt him and kill him off if he becomes to powerful mwahahaha Больше года
Больше года DiscordYJ said…
1. Sheet. Telekinesis... but.... nah. I'd want the ability to control time c:
2. Uhmmmmm, A suit of light-armor, kinda like what Jamie's blue beetle 'stume looks like, except I'd want mine to be black and white, a little more enhancements and no wings! (:
3. Deathstroke... is that bad? (;

Canon YJ
4. New Team counts? Deff BlueBeetle(;
5. Season one! It was what made me fall in love with the series and I can't give up on that!
6. I do feel like Kal' did great! It must have been hard to be in that position, making those decision, at such an age?! It was probably stressful, knowing every slip up was traced back to you! So overall GOOD JOB KALDUR!

7. Hmmm... Honestly? Erin's OC Phoebe~ xD
8. Ducky's OC Aryess, GlitterPuff's OC Rene, and Gianna's OC Dylan x3. Ary cause' she'd understand me, Rene because she's so freaking badass, and Dylan 'cause he's a sweetheart!
9. Declan... Pliz. Ducky give me that sexy man.. Or Cane's OC Alex or Ajax... ;0; Whitney's OCFang. And Gianna's OC Billy ;-; They're all attractive.
10: Ooooo. Hmmmm. *3* Stranded on an island and none of them remember each other!

11: DC all the way, though I'm absolutly in love with Deadpool, IronMan, Captain America, and Spiderman.
12: I love you too x3
Robin_Love commented…
Cammy, you're awesome. This conversation is over. Больше года
DiscordYJ commented…
((You're too sweet (; )) Больше года
Больше года Mclovin_69 said…
1. I know it's dumb but I just wanna teleport, I'm lazy.
2.uhhhhh. I dunno probably something with a cape.ilike me some capes
3.probs flash. Hehe idk. He's just chill idk
4.( blinks) ummm Wally idk why I love him
5.season 1 I felt I could relate to it more than 2
6.yes Kaldur was good I think he was the best for being leader. He was calm in situations idk...I feel like I'm Anya ( cammys oc) cause like I'm shy and stuff
8.uh I guess Blade ( Discord) unless she kills me then oh. But meh I have to choose D: fine. Give me Declan this conversation is done prob write some sort of invasion
11.DC cause I just love Batman and Flash. But Spider-Man ugh so hard to choose!
12.( hugs ducky )
Robin_Love commented…
I ACCEPT THIS!!! No idea why I сказал(-а) that. NO CAPES! Больше года
DiscordYJ commented…
*hugs Devan* :3 (Anya: -0.0- Oh my) Больше года
Больше года Robin_Love said…
If you were a part of the team..
2. Ummm....Jeans and a hoodie B|
3. Well I LOVE Huntress so....her!!!!

Canon YJ
4. ROBIN!!!!!!!! Dick Grayson. Was that hard to know?
6.Was Kaldur a good enough leader? KALDUR!!! Yes. He was a PERFECT leader

(You can answer with your own or anyone else's)
7. Which character do you think you're most like? Tara with a dash of Becca
8. Uhhhh......uhh....friend....uhmmmm....that­'s a no. Friends just *poof*
9. Oc wise??? Damn umm.........probably Alek. But I like Terrance and Miles too....not to mention my own...UGH!!! I CHOOSE MYSELF!!! ((*facedesk*))
10: A world of painful terrors and death until TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!!! Or a PercyJackson theme

11: Marvel. Sorry yo.
12. GUYS?! No no no nonononononono! Do not group us into being "guys" when this club is mostly run by girls!! (No offense dudes.) I AM A REBEL!!!!! YOU CAN'T CONTAIN ME!!!

13. I hope you enjoyed reading this Ducky X3
 If Ты were a part of the team.. 1. MIND READING~!!!! 2. Ummm....Jeans and a hoodie B| 3. Wel
DiscordYJ commented…
((Sebatian, is just... mhmmhmhmhmhmhmmhmhmhmhmhm)l Больше года
Robin_Love commented…
XD I truly couldn't resist! Больше года
killer24 commented…
12 is true, its like just me and Gunfire. This is an SOS guys needed for back up! Больше года
Robin_Love commented…
XD Больше года
Больше года killer24 said…
If you were a part of the team..
1. Most likely something to do with shadows
2. Black everything (trousers and shirt) with a White mask
3. The Flash or Batman

Canon YJ
4. Wally West the funny guy!
5. Season 1
6. Fish boy got the job done so he's the best choice

(You can answer with your own or anyone else's)
7. Alex, I did base him and. My others off of myself
8. All of them, they wouldn't escape!
9. Umm.......none, but if you had to force me I wouldn't know they're all great girls/women (don't kill me!)
10: Zombie perhaps something like the Heroes of Olympus I don't know

11: All of them!
12: I guess I love you guys also XD
Robin_Love commented…
NO CALLING HIM рыба BOY!!!!! Ты KNOW HoO!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Больше года
killer24 commented…
Yes I know it Любовь all his books, I was surprised that Ты did. Why all though in season two I knew something /fishy/ was going on with him haha Больше года