Young Justice OC'S!!! Custom drawings~

XxSilverScarsxX posted on Mar 22, 2014 at 12:14PM
hallo yes it is i the weird chick

I've been bored FOREVER and i just decided i would do this

Explain the uniform/civvies down below and I'll do my best to draw it~

Character's body type: (thin, muscled, pudgy etc.)
If female(or has breasts), what bra size?

(Fill this for each article of clothing.)
Brief: Shirt, pants, leotard?
Material, how it fits the body: Is it shiny? Stiff? Form clinging? Baggy?
Coloration: Blue, red, gradation?
Pattern, designs:
Insignia? Describe it.
Brief of how long the pant legs/sleeves are:
Special? Straps, cape, mask?

Shoes, if any:

You can do as many as you want, but I'm doing these in the order I want to do them because otherwise I'll have no motivation. XD If you spot anything I should change just tell me~

i wont do it unless you fill it out like i wrote it bc im picky
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Больше года GlitterPuff said…
RENE! <--- She's my fave, so... yeah AND SHANK YOU FOR DRAWING!!!

Skinny, but toned
Civvies: Wears a tight fitted dress just above her knees with a sweetheart neckline and thin straps (a pastel purple or blue) and heels (black)
XxSilverScarsxX commented…
please don't shank me Больше года
GlitterPuff commented…
But I shall shank you! Больше года
GlitterPuff commented…
Yeahhhh Больше года
Больше года DiscordYJ said…
((Because you are a saint and I love you to death you amazing human being <3

Character's body type: She has short blonde hair, if you need a pic, I have plenty. Slender, toned, she doesn't have a big /chest/~

(Fill this for each article of clothing.)
Brief: A sundress, Empire Style (or fitted at the top and waist and flares out), that comes to the mid of her thigh, and white flats.
Material, how it fits the body: Hugging...fitted..<3
Coloration: Dark red or light orange
Pattern, designs: solid <3 with a ribbon that ties around the middle
Insignia?No sows <3
Brief of how long the pant legs/sleeves are: spagethii straps.
Special: She has an eyepatch on the right side.....but it's /her/ left