Young Justice OC'S!!! Here's a Game

SilverWings13 posted on May 24, 2014 at 02:40AM
To the OC's, either: list 10 things about your significant other, 10 things about your siblings, or 10 things about your best friend. If you don't have any of those things: 10 things about yourself. Preferably very personal and/or embarrassing coz we're all reading this and would really like to know. Thanks~

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Больше года XxSilverScarsxX said…
Why is everyone so mean. Ciel is in italics, Lilith in bold.

- I once walked into Damian changing while I was changing and now we know we have matching birthmarks on our right thighs
- Once I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so the sandwich maker-ee wouldn't make another one and think I'm picky. I am allergic to peanuts. You can imagine how well that played out.
- There's at least ONE day of the week I will stay either in my boxers or in sleep pants all day.
No one minds much because he has the body for it.
- I forget names. I will call my own children "bub" and "sweetheart" among other things because I can't remember their names. ._.
- I once puked. I puked horrible, horrible things all over my sister.
- Lizzie used to make me go to ballet with her
- I have had sex with someone who has also had sex with my daughter.
wait what
- That sex was shameless. WHAT
- I once got drunk and almost ate a live cat
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Больше года GlitterPuff said…
Rene: Fuck, do I have to do one? (Yes.) Damn fine.

1) Once, when I was little, I caught my parents having sex; but I didn't know what it was.. so that was awkward.

2) I accidentally punched a hole in the wall cause I was trying to kill a fly.

3) I cry in the shower.. Half the time for no good reason.

4) I read comics ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

5) Some guy on the street punched me in the gut so, without thinking, I used my powers and froze him.

6) My middle name is named after my mother's /really/ inappropriate friend.

7) I met my father once after he left. Now I know that he's a jackass.

8) A m&m fell on the ground and I ate it >.<

9) I have a girl crush.. I will NOT name who! (are they a vampire?) *blushes brightly* Shut up!

10) The first time I slept with someone, I ended up in the hospital.
Больше года SilverWings13 said…
OMG, Rene needs a hug. *steals her and wraps her in a blanket like a little puppy* Wait, what's her middle name?
GlitterPuff commented…
Lolz ((Let me go!)) Her middle name is Kenna. Rene Kenna Oshea! Больше года
Больше года Robin_Love said…
((Becca: Can I not?)) Would that make you happy? ((Very.)) Then too bad.

((Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh fiiiiiiiiiiiiine!

1. Ty likes playing macho but he really doesn't do it so well.

2.Tyler and Terror would make a great team....if they weren't yelling at each other.

3.Tyler is strangely overprotective

4. Ty prefers to wear darker colors but wears bright ones when I'm wearing black

5.He's not all sass; doubtful, I know

6.Tyler thinks he wins our dominance battles, but I let him win.

7.I once chained Tyler up as we made out; he secretly loved it~

8.He has something of a lace fettish *insert evil laugh*

9.He gets excited when I dominate

10.Since he's fire, his body starts heating up when we heat up~ ;)

There you go))

....I apologize for her. She's......strange.
 ((Becca: Can I not?)) Would that make Ты happy? ((Very.)) Then too bad. ((Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh fiiiiii
DiscordYJ commented…
DiscordYJ commented…
(Ty: *blinks* U...h....*curls in ball* IT'S ALL TRUE!! *raises an eyebrow* Let me win! WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?) Больше года
Больше года DiscordYJ said…
Best friend...Best friend. I don't have friends...


Can I just... fine...I have like two friends -.-

1.) Declan's the best I've ever tasted, but you know, I don't tell him that cos' he's full of himself~

2.) Rene has the cutest fucking panties, I swear. ;*

3.) Declan is ticklish.

4.) Rene's hair smells like angel farts--fucking amazing<3

5.) Declan is the most childish person I know...probably why he's my friend.

6.) Rene is the only girl I shall ever confess my love for because she is as fabulous as me.

7.) Declan is fuck...and it pisses me off--I'm secretly planning to to cut his legs off.

8.) This one is for me...I've watched them both change....course they don't know that. But now they do~

9.) Rene literally cannot pick up on when a barrista flirts for her for the life of her...EVEN WHEN IT'S MORE OBVIOUS THAN AN ELEPHANT AMONG HOLLISTER MODELS.

10.) This one is also for me. I secretly stole some assassin garb from a certain assassin. And when I'm bored...I wear it, and pretend I'm him.

Can I do more?

((About yourself, sure!))



12.) I'm supppperrr self conscious of my boob size...cos' they're small.. *dies*

13.) Honestly...I had to go to the ER when I was sixteen cos' I fell off a ladder trying to watch my high-school crush change.. DON'T JUDGE..

14.) Sometimes... I want to just live in a room full of bunnies. Like lay on them...and just roll in their softness.. Cos'...they're cute.

15.) I WISH I WAS A FUCKING NEKO... I am so jealous of Cat cos' she's super cute. WHO THINKS VAMPIRES ARE CUTE HUH? NO ONE IS LIKE "AWEEE LOOK AT THE LITTLE VAMPIRE..Come 'ere... comeeee 'ere...come drink my blood you cute little fanged vampire." NO! SO MEH!

I keep adding<3 Sowwie<3

16.) I love my freckles...they are about the only thing I truly adore about myself<3
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 Best friend...Best friend. I don't have friends... ((*Glares*)) Can I just... fine...I have lik
Больше года killer24 said…
Ajax: "because I'm a loving twin/brother/clone/split personality, it's ALEX!"

1) sucks his thumb whilst he sleeps at time

2) cried while watching Marley and me, plus some other dog films

3) gets a crush on most of the girls he meets, even if he doesn't admit it

4) hasn't had inter-course

5) questioned his sexual preference twice, don't worry it's a girls

6) has a birth mark on his hip shaped like a spider, well that what he says it looks like a paint splatter mark to me

7) dressed as a woman on many occasions (once he had to kiss a guy to look convincing)

8) is a secret nerd at biology and some other sciences

9) looks up to Gunfire like a older brother, even know that would be me

10) his first kiss was on complete accident, let's just say the girl was not murderous even

Ajax: "I could go on but I think I have said most of the funny stuff" *laughs*
(you're just horrible. hope you guys enjoy it, at least before Alex knows about it anyway)
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 Ajax: "because I'm a loving twin/brother/clone/split personality, it's ALEX!" 1) sucks his thumb
Больше года MafiaYJ said…
For Mafia first: a little on it all
1) She has a sibling, a male who looks exactly like her father
2) She lost her virginity at 14 (HEY! NO NEED FOR THEM TO KNOW CRAP LIKE THAT!)
3) Gunny likes it kinky (I WILL F****** STRANGLE YOU)
4) Her best friend was killed and Mafia was sent her tattooed wrist as confirmation that she was
5) Constantly argues with the Bat (And i win)
6) Has fallen off motorcycles more times than she can count
7) Broke her leg while trying out rock climbing
8) She pours a littleliquor into everything she drinks
9) She actually sucked at English before she met burke
10) Gunfire likes to keep ahold of her while they sleep