Young Justice OC'S!!! Band Mates???

Mclovin_69 posted on Jan 26, 2016 at 12:55AM
So Bentley is in a band, and I've only created one other oc that's in it. so I was thinking the band may be a 4 or 5 person band. But instead of me making the three or two more characters I thought I could give an RP opportunity if maybe you guys wanted to create some Oc's to be a part of the band or even like crew. So for the bandmates I need a drummer, a bass player, and maybe another guitar player and preferably I'd want them to be boys but maybe I'll accept one girl :). like for the crew you could do the managers of the record label, or like the band artist representative who makes logos and stuff for the band. Idk if it's a dumb idea I just thought of it :D ( if you guys create another job for the docs you can run it by me and if I like it sure :) )

so yeah I mainly need: ( if this is small )

Bass Player



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