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***I wasn't really sure how to write this part...Feedback and suggestions are VERY much appreciated! Featuring Becca (not my character)!! ENJOY!***

“So, we’re going to keep this whole incident secret, right?” Mercy whispered to Becca. Becca just eyed her and smirked, “Possibly…” Mercy laughed, “I’m serious! We’re keeping this whole night a secret!” Becca laughed along, “Fine by me! As long as I got to do this, I’m perfectly happy!”
“Why what?”
“Why do Ты enjoy this?”
“I don’t know, I guess it just makes me feel like I don’t have to really…worry about anything. Like I’m free, ‘ya know?”
“No. I don’t know. I don’t like robbing banks! It’s uncomfortable! W-What if the police come,” Mercy made a large gasping sound, “Or what if the league came! They might kick us off the team, или the-“ Mercy was cut off by Becca slapping both her hands over Mercy’s mouth, then quickly putting her hands back down. “Merce, nothing is going to happen! Lighten up!” Mercy stuck her tongue out before continuing to pull wads of money out of the безопасно, сейф in the back of the bank. “Are Ты sure that none of the money will ACTUALLY leave the building?” Mercy nervously asked Heather. “Naw. Most of the time the police come before Joker can actually get any of the money outta here.” And as if on cue, police lights and sirens lit up and filled the entire bank. “That’s our cue!” Heather announced, leading Becca and Mercy both out of the bank, leaving Joker behind to deal with the police.

After Becca bid her goodbyes and headed back to the cave, Heather and Mercy had begun walking back down the street.
“You okay?” Mercy asked.
“Yep, Why?”
“Your hands, they’re fists.”
Heather looked down to realize that it was true. “Yeah, I guess they are.” Heather сказал(-а) before biting her lip.
They walked in silence for a few blocks. The sun was now setting and streetlights were being turned on. “Maybe I should head back to the cave.” Mercy сказал(-а) nervously. Heather stuttered for words, “Uh, NO! Com’on just a few еще blocks down the street! That’s it! Then Ты can go back to your boyfriend and all those wimps.” Mercy sighed, “Heath, I know you’re not the…hero type… But could Ты at least refrain from calling them names? I don’t care how much Ты hate them, but Ты don’t see ME going and calling all your Друзья that kind of stuff!” Heather stuck her tongue out. “I’ll call them what I want.” She muttered quietly.

They reached a small apartment building that seemed to have no people living there. The windows were all boarded up and a musty smell lingered around the outside of the building. Suddenly, Heather jumped in front of Mercy. “Um, something wrong?” Mercy nervously asked, trying to pass. “I seem to have forgotten one, teensy, weensy, itsy-bitsy, little, tiny detail! Umm, Jacob сказал(-а) he wanted to see you.” Heather quickly mumbled out. “WHAT?! Are Ты crazy? Ты know he will kill me right? I might as well be dead! Right here, on the street, DEAD!” Mercy almost fell on the ground. “I’m getting out of here!” Mercy started to walk away but a hand grabbed her wrist before she could get away and pulled her back in. “Bella! I haven’t seen Ты in ages!” A tall guy with blonde hair much like Heathers and dark blue eyes stood in front of her. “Not in the mood, Jake.” Mercy сказал(-а) through gritted teeth, trying to pull her hand out of Jacobs, but failing. “Great, just great.” She thought to herself.
 Jacob (Heather's Brother)
Jacob (Heather's Brother)
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 Teague-Human Form
Teague-Human Form
Name: Teague
Alias: None
Occupation: Demon-Elemental Hybrid; Villain
Powers: Elements, flight, demon shape-shifting
History: Teague's past is unknown, but he has been known to kill. Teague is also known for his powerful temper and control over the elements.
Notes: Teague can transform his body at will into his demon form. If he is angry enough, he will immediately start to transform. He likes to mess with humans and Герои alike. He is еще often flirty and fun-loving then he is angry. But he is short-tempered and loves to play jokes. While not much is known about him, he enjoys sending Герои on...
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***just a Болталка little one-shot I decided to do. I was bored.***

“Why aren’t Ты whelmed, Roy?”
The voice came from behind where Red Стрела was sitting, and he whirled around, doing a double take. Its owner cackled, a sound quite jarring, coming from the deep, serious voice of Kaldur’ahm.
“So why aren’t you? I can do it again!”
Red Стрела was too out of sorts to stop him, so before he knew it, his chair was knocked flat, as well as blasted to smithereens, by bolts of glowing water. “Aqualad? What on EARTH happened to you?”
At that moment, Robin sulkily walked past, bare feet dragging,...
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Becca looked into the barrel of the gun, her heat beating faster.
“You can't be serious,” she whispered.
“But I am. Ты got rid of the ruler and ventured to the outside world! Ты put us all at risk! And Ты have the nerve to call yourself a hero. Treason is your crime. Against the master and us!”
“I never meant to! It wasn't my fault! Nothing is my fault!”
“Pathetic. Begging for your life. The chosen one? Ha! Can't even save herself. And your magic won't work the light infused your senses with a paralyzing gene.”
“So Ты fight like a coward?”
Becca heard the click of the gun....
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Willow tilted her head as she sat across the таблица from Wally.
“Hey Wally? Why do Ты eat so much?”
Wally looked up at his girlfriend sitting on the other side of the таблица at Mt. Justice. He pause briefly from inhaling his sixth helping of спагетти to answer.
“Just because.”
Willow tilted her head even еще as Wally began to stuff his face again. She stayed quiet, demanding еще of an explanation. Wally sensed this and sighed through his nose. He set his fork down and finished chewing before swallowing to answer.
“Being the секунда fastest human on earth, I also have the секунда fastest...
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Willow, Becca, Lucas, Artemis, Phoebe and Wally stood in the kitchen, Wally and Lucas had a таблица spoon of cinnamon, " ummm are Ты sure this wont kill me " Lucas сказал(-а) unsure of eating the cinnamon, " oh dont ask Вопросы just eat it!!! " Becca said. Wally and Lucas looked unsure at eachother and then at the count of three put it in their mouth. " its not bad..." Lucas сказал(-а) with the cinnamon in his mouth but suddenly he screamed spitting it out with his face bright red, " that burns!!!! the taste aghhhh Phoebe get me some water!!!" Lucas yelled flailing his arms around. " nahh im good your...
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Willow laughed as Wally tried to throw a peice of попкорн in his mouth but kept making the попкорн hit his face. " Эй, wanna watch a movie?" Wally asked putting down the попкорн and putting in a movie, " do i have a choice" she asked laughing, " no.." he сказал(-а) in a flirty tone, he sat down Далее to her and puthis arm around her as she cuddled into his chest, what Willow didnt know is that the movie was scary.

Willow yelled at the Tv, " DONT GO IN THE CLOSET NO NO!" as she covered her eyes, Wally looked down at her with a smile, just as planned Wally thought to himself, she screamed again and covered...
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Artemis tried moving her head but it wouldn't budge. Her eyes were heavy but she forced them open. Her right eye throbbed, telling her of black eye she would soon have. She looked around but couldn't see much of anything for a few minutes. When her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, she noticed several things. One was the fact that she was standing. Second, needles had been injected into her body as long as the rest of the teams. Third, they were held in some sort of cell. Why would we be taken here? And why allow us to keep our weapons? Something isn't right. Artemis looked around again....
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