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Blade was walking down the улица, уличный to the beat of her Избранное song. There was a bounce in her step and her hair was jumping around her shoulders. She entered a sweetshop and looked at all the treats. Someone pulled one of her earbuds out and Blade looked behind her.
“Hey what do Ты think you're-”
Blade stopped when she saw who it was.
The blonde haired boy smiled.
“Hey there love!”
Blade smiled.
“What are Ты doing here?”
“I wanted to see you. I've been following Ты for three blocks!”
“Creeper,” Blade сказал(-а) with a smirk.
“Only where you're concerned.”
Blade smiled...
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 Teague-Human Form
Teague-Human Form
Name: Teague
Alias: None
Occupation: Demon-Elemental Hybrid; Villain
Powers: Elements, flight, demon shape-shifting
History: Teague's past is unknown, but he has been known to kill. Teague is also known for his powerful temper and control over the elements.
Notes: Teague can transform his body at will into his demon form. If he is angry enough, he will immediately start to transform. He likes to mess with humans and Герои alike. He is еще often flirty and fun-loving then he is angry. But he is short-tempered and loves to play jokes. While not much is known about him, he enjoys sending Герои on...
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