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15sturmelle2 сказал(-а) о Avengers: Endgame
RIP to the original 6:
Tony Stark (Sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos)
Steve Rogers (Retired from being Captain America to live in the past with Peggy)
Bruce Banner (Got his arm put in a cast after performing the snap to bringing everyone back)
Clint Barton (Currently unconfirmed though it wouldn't surprise me if he eventually passes the bow onto Kate Bishop)
Natasha Romanoff (Dead)
Thor (Joined the Guardians of the Galaxy) Опубликовано Больше года
Tony Stark was able to build this! In a cave! With a box of scraps! Опубликовано Больше года
15sturmelle2 прокомментировал(-а)…
Anyone else who saw Spider-Man: Far From Главная this past summer will know what i'm talking about. Больше года
15sturmelle2 сказал(-а) о Carol Danvers / Ms. Marvel
Who else is excited for Captain Marvel? Also, which agent from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D do Ты guys will be likely to appear in Captain Marvel? I personally would like to see Skye in Captain Marvel. Опубликовано Больше года