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  • 27 years old
  • NYC, United States of America
  • Favorite TV Show: Face Off, Degrassi, Caprica, MythBusters, The Colony, Solitary, вверх Chef, кекс Wars, Toddlers in Tiaras
    Favorite Movie: Zoolander, HP7PT1, The Social Network, The Kings Speech, 10 Things I hate About Ты
    Favorite Musician: Harry and the Potters, лимон Demon, The killers, Кеша
    Favorite Book or Author: HARRY FREAKING POTTER, anything my Laurie Halse Anderson или Ellen Hopkins
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AllyAM сказал(-а) о Biggerstaff Family
Guess who is feeling weird and nostalgic! It's been literal years since I've been on here haha Опубликовано Больше года
AllyAM прокомментировал(-а)…
Granted I wasn't on here that long, I'd be surprised if anyone remembered me Больше года
simpleplan прокомментировал(-а)…
I do :P Больше года
AllyAM сказал(-а) о Biggerstaff Family
It's really sad to see how much this place has died Опубликовано Больше года
AllyAM сказал(-а) о Дружба — это чудо
Wow. This club had maybe five members when I joined durin/maybe just after season one O_O Опубликовано Больше года
minniemandy1fan прокомментировал(-а)…
Really? WOW! Больше года