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Has Grey's Anatomy stopped airing until Jan 14th?

3 answers | my answer: Yes. Grey's Anatomy has stopped airing but ABC is s...
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I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy since McDreamy's long Остаться в живых daughter appeared and сказал(-а) she was pregnant. I remember her on the таблица getting a ultrasound and saying how she wasn't ready to be a mom. What happened to the baby?

3 answers | my answer: She gave it up for adoption and it was McSteamy not...
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do Ты like the new doctors that joined Grey,s Anatomy

5 answers | my answer: I Любовь the Seattle Grace originals (Derek, Meredit...
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do Ты think GREYS ANATOMY should have a movie???

3 answers | my answer: Oh yeah! My #1 show!
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Why do Ты Любовь Grey's Anatomy?

5 answers | my answer: I Любовь Grey's Anatomy because of Derek and Meredith...
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hey, seeing Owen shoot in the seasons finale got me thinking. My Вопрос now: Wasn't Burk shot too in the mist of the Danny Duquet сердце transpantation story line?

4 answers | my answer: Yes, Burke was shot as he was on his way to get a h...
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I have a Вопрос for Ты true grey's anatomy Фаны ;)

5 answers | my answer: I think that is a great idea.
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Plssss, help me find a right episode :)

1 answer | my answer: It's right after she finds out Owen was engaged but...
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I just started watching grey's a little while ago, and i totally Любовь it. but i'm only on season 2 and it's taking forever getting caught up, so what episodes should i watch where major stuff i MUST SEE happens in?

3 answers | my answer: Every episode is good and Ты have to get caught up...
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Has Alex been on One дерево Hill?

3 answers | my answer: Justin Chambers has never been on One дерево Hill.