"Deidara we shouldn't fight sisho. (another of my ocs) She says with concern in her only eye. "relax tish." Deidara says with a smile "We are working together. Nothing can beat our jutsus combined." She looks down, and says "but she uses poison. And She has the nine point sharingan." He looks at her. She stares back. "C'mon tish, It won't be bad. We can take her. Trust me." She has a deep trust for her brother and she follows him to the uchiha girl. A fight goes on for 3 days between them. After the 2nd день was over, they were all beat up and weak. Наруто comes out of nowhere and looks at sisho. "need help,buddy?" He says. Tish and Deidara where shocked. Another день goes by and Наруто realised he needed to use something as a last resort. He looks at sisho and they whisper to eachother for a little bit. Talking about making her suffer and killing her brother first. Sisho pulls out a katana drenched in poison, and Наруто yells out "WIND STYLE! RASEN SHURIKEN!" They both run twords her brother as sakura appears and ties him down she watches in horror and fear as they get closer. She closes her eyes and uses a blood jutsu to get out of sakuras grip. They where about a foot away from her brother, she jumped infront of them and gets hit by both weapons. The leaf ninjas just leave. Deidara wakes up after sakura knocked him out with a shot. He gets up and notices Her. He gasps at the unbareable sight. His sister, nearly dead, with a hole in her chest, covered in blood. He picks her up and gets on a clay bird. He gets back to the base and lays her down on her bed.. Aya (my other OC) Comes in and trys to heal her. She shakes her head and a tear comes out of her eye. Deidara gets down Далее to her and whispers. "Your name, It is not tish, It is scarlet." she opens her eyes weakly, smiles, and says, "Okay, Brother, I-" She coughs, falls back, and becomes still. She holds your brothers hand, With all her strength, She says "love you." Her breath gets shallow, She shudders and closes her eyes for the last time. Aya puts her head on her chest and murmers "Deidara, Scarlet is... gone." A tear comes out of deidara's eye. She passed away with a smile on your face, holding deidaras hand.