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Doctor Who has a wide range of characters. From villains, monsters, Doctor's, Master's, companions and extras, there's a wide range of men, women, homosexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals and asexual's in this Показать and the expanded universe.

The women are what I'm going to be talking about today.

As 90% of the companions in Doctor Who are young women, Ты can imagine that there are many women to choose from, whether from both the classic series and revival или just one of them. And that's not even including all the "extra" women или the villain women!

So as Ты can imagine, there's going to be a lot...
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posted by princesskagome
There are a lot of hate on Rose for her being mentioned so much after series 2 and I honestly do not understand why it annoys people. If Ты know the Doctor well and watched the first two series of new Who then Ты shouldn't be so annoyed.

Lets look at the facts. The Doctor met Rose right after the Time War, where he literally Остаться в живых his Главная and his people. Although he was a rebel he still was incredibly attached to his Главная and he Остаться в живых it. He did not have any anchor left so he was filled with anger and guilt. The first person who actually got under his 'shield' was Rose. He was sad, nothing...
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posted by mimivilee
Hello everyone!

On the 23rd of November I am meeting Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor) for a фото shoot, and a signing! I am very lucky, I know.

I know how much Ты all want to say something to Matt Smith, so I want Ты to give me messages Ты want to say to him, for me to put in a massive card I am going to get him.

This is the perfect opportunity for Ты all to thank Matt, или just let him know of your existence!

Ты can either Отправить what Ты want to say Here: www.ontheangelside.tumblr.com/submit

или email me what Ты want to say at this address: mattsmithletters@gmail.com

If Ты have any Вопросы either email me, или send me a Вопрос HERE:


THANK YOU! Please send me things, I would hate to have an empty card!
posted by Missymoo19
Before Ты ask, yes, I already know who Missy is. This is just two theories I have that involve her.

Theory 1: Gus and the Orient Express

I strongly believe that Missy was behind Gus and the events of the entire episode, "Mummy on the Orient Express".

Here's why:

1. Gus was an AI, as was Seb, Missy's receptionist that she most likely created.

2. Gus wanted to study the Foretold and reverse engineer the technology keeping it "alive". And this technology could very well be similar to what Missy used on her Cybermen army made out of corpses, much like the Foretold!

3. Missy has the TARDIS' phone number...
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posted by 21doctor
Captain Jack Harkness was in a cheap hotel on Glassmountain on Barcelona and looked around.

After the big wave - the Erneuerer - he, his doglike girlfriend and the rescuded people were set off at a resort. The entire Glassmountain was a world heritage. But Jack wasn´t interrested in that beauty, jet. He allready had checked in the cheapest hotel, a no-comfort hotel. He looked around in his small hotelroom. Now he knows, what no-comfort meant - no bed, just a raggy blanket on the stonefloor; no water in the bathroom, just sand (not even a soniccleaning bath was there);no wardrobe или drawer,...
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Ты might be a Doctor Who Фан if…

1. Ты have debates over the best Doctor with other obsessed friends.
2. Ты own a replica Sonic Screwdriver, and attempt to unlock doors with it.
3. Ты make the sound of the SS while doing this, and quickly unlock the door yourself, telling yourself it worked.
4. Ты know what Time Lord Rock is, and feel a sense of pride about this.
5. Ты think Chameleon Circuit is the best band in the world.
6. You’ve written a Time Lord Rock song.
7. Ты claim your refrigerator is a TARDIS with a broken Chameleon Circuit.
8. You’re terrified of gas masks and Энджел statues....
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I know some of Ты can't see this on the actual BBC website, but if Ты live in the UK Ты can find this story here:

Also, if Ты can't access the site, part one of this story can be found here:

No. 1, Gallows Gate Road. Part Two. Written by Rupert Laight. Illustrations by Brian Williamson.

The Doctor heard a distant voice. A young woman. 'Is he all right?'

'He still looks very pale,' сказал(-а) another voice. 'Hold on, I think he's coming round.'

The Doctor sat up, and reality span into focus. 'I'm fine now,' he said, still on the floor by the front door. 'I think I won the battle.' And he began...
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posted by simpleplan

[ ] Ты think you’re better than other species (more specifically; humans)

[ ] You’ve run away from home

[] Ты have been bullied

[] Ты are frequently sarcastic

[] Ты have brown eyes

[ ] Ты occasionally wear a cape

[ ] Ты wear Чтение glasses

[ ] People say you’re very wise



[] Justice and righteousness are important to Ты

[ ] Ты are ruthless

[ ] Ты like playing the recorder

[ ] Ты consider yourself a genius

[ ] Your pockets hold EVERYTHING

[] Ты like hats

[ ] Your eyes change color

[] Ты can be a bit childish



[] Ты Любовь science

[] Ты want peace...
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posted by labyrinth75
Why I Любовь Doctor Who.
Because such a mundane object, found in a junkyard can open a door to a whole new world.
Because of William Hartnell.
Because of Patrick Troughton.
Because of Jon Pertwee.
Because of Tom Baker.
Because of Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith.
Because of every companion which are so numerous there are too many for me to say.
Because the Daleks are Nazi's from Space.
Because of the Brigadier.
Because of Russell T Davies, even though he wrote Любовь and Monsters.
Because of Steven Moffat, even though he wrote The...
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 Clara presents the God of Akhaten with the 'most important lea in human history'.
Clara presents the God of Akhaten with the 'most important lea in human history'.
The following are the lyrics of the song, 'Wake Up', as shown in 'The Rings of Akhaten', courtesy of link :

"Rest now…..my warrior.
Rest now, hardship is over.
Live. Wake up. Wake up.
And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones. Cling to your bones.
Wake up, wake up.
Live. Wake up. Wake up.
And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones. Cling to your bones
Wake up. Wake up!
Live! Wake up! Wake up!
And let the cloak! Of life! Cling to your bones! Cling to your bones!
Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up! Wake up!"

I sincerely hope this Статьи corroborates itself to be of any benevolence, to anyone. :D Xxxx

Kind regards, no1drwofan. :D Xxx
 The Doctor reminisces about his past.
The Doctor reminisces about his past.
 The Doctor sacrifices all his memories, so as to save Akhaten.
The Doctor sacrifices all his memories, so as to save Akhaten.
 Merry makes bold so as to sing 'Wake Up', as though to calm the God of Akhaten.
Merry makes bold so as to sing 'Wake Up', as though to calm the God of Akhaten.
On Saturday 29th September 2012, we Остаться в живых two of the Doctor’s companions, the Ponds. Naturally, we were all sad at the prospect of never seeing Amy and Rory again but we all knew this was the whole concept of the Показать – change and renewal, therefore we all knew that we would meet a new companion in the not too far future. On Рождество день 2012, we were дана a new adventure of the Doctor’s which would create a whole new mystery for Series Seven Part Two. This mystery as we all know was Clara Oswald, portrayed by Jenna-Louise Coleman. So, roughly three months later Doctor Who returned starring...
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 The Ninth Doctor and Rose start New-Who off with a bang!
The Ninth Doctor and Rose start New-Who off with a bang!
In the long wait for Series 8 of Doctor Who, I quickly decided upon re-watching the whole lot again, starting from the fantastic Series 1. Series 1 was the series which brought it all back, and it certainly should never be forgotten.

The very first episode of New era Who definitely struck a chord. Everything about it, from the companion-orientated plot to the brand new cgi and effects, was something very special and very different to what we'd previously seen. The episode gets the right balance between setting the scene and introducing the characters, and tackling the threat of the Nestene...
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posted by 21doctor
Captain Jack Harkness stood at the bar on the beach, anywhere on Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. He drunk a pink, poison alien stuff. He knew, after three days the drink will kill him. And he knew, that he will awake from the death an час later. So he enjoyed this alien love-potion.
The пляж, пляжный was overcrowed this day, because of a rare sun-moon constellation. Both suns are going to be shine as one; one of the moon, the сирень one, what is visible all day, will going to Переместить right infront of both suns - the оранжевый one and the yellow one. The yellow sun are going to be behind the оранжевый sun. It...
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posted by Happyhour
I know some of Ты can't see this on the actual BBC website, but if Ты live in the UK Ты can find this story here:

No. 1, Gallows Gate Road. Part One. Written by Rupert Laight. Illustrations by Brian Williamson.

The first thing the Doctor heard when he woke was the sound of something tapping at a window.

He sat up in bed, ran a hand through his Рапунцель - Запутанная история hair and stared around him. Where am I, he thought. This isn't the TARDIS. It's a bed. A very uncomfortable bed. What am I doing in bed? I haven't got time for bed. This is madness.

The Doctor tested his memory. The last thing he remembered...
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posted by RoseElizabeth
The Staff District, Keruush

The staff district consisted of several dwelling places, ranging from apartment blocks to large mansions for the senior staff. All of the buildings were made of a clear glass like material, each building having the ability to change colour with the weather. Scattered among the buildings were native Keruush trees, their amazing colours of fuchsia, lavender and turquoise in startling contrast to the ever changing hues of the buildings. The whole thing was located on the island of Tira, a small island in the middle of the Cyra Sea, a manmade sea filled with creatures...
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 Series 7 begins in style with 'Asylum of the Daleks'.
Series 7 begins in style with 'Asylum of the Daleks'.
Another series has flown by, and what a series it was! From the very first episode, it was apparent that things were going to be different this time- Everything from the blockbuster-style stories to the obvious 50th anniversary build-up screamed that Doctor Who was heading for a change. But was this change a good one? And what did the individual episodes, themes, characters and plot contribute to the series?...

Asylum of the Daleks
When I first watched this episode, I believed it to be the best opener a series has ever seen. And I still stand by that view. The main shock of the episode was of...
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 Upon Clara's surprise entrance, she was already a 'perfect companion' in my eyes.
Upon Clara's surprise entrance, she was already a 'perfect companion' in my eyes.
It's been a while since I wrote my last article, so I thought it time I owe the Whoniverse another one. This time, I am going to talk about the Doctor's latest companion: Clara, who has often being the topic of Дебаты throughout Series 7.
Now, when we were first introduced to her, she went by the name 'Oswin'. This was the first time the Doctor was mentally aware that he'd met her, but we all know she'd been a part of his life along time before the events of the Dalek Asylum. In this episode, she was brainy, sassy, flirty, bold and a born leader. She helped the Doctor, Amy and Rory escape from...
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posted by loveDE45
Except saying that she’s vain because she fell in Любовь with Ten instead of Nine is absolutely incorrect, because she fell in Любовь with Nine first, and initially did not accept Ten because he was not Nine.

Putting aside the fact that Christopher Eccleston is quite attractive (he’s not “pretty," no, but have Ты seen his eyes? They’re the color of an arctic ocean; they’re beautiful), anyone with eyes can see that Rose fell in Любовь with Nine first. She may not have realized it, she may have not been as open with her affections, but it was there. For example:

It can be argued that this...
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This is a story I started sometime last year. It's based on the idea that Dr Who is real. I'm not goin to finish it but teh idea was that they were using Ally's brain so they could find a way to make their own world to go and live. She was living in a suspened reality (basically a dream - kinda like Donna's in The Doctor Trap if you've read that at all) were she went to school (to learn general knowlegde), slept (so they could use her imagination when it was on full capactiy) and watch Dr Who (to gather info on the Dr). She was their main computer. The whole idea of using a real person thought...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
Spoilers for s7 episode 4 "The power of three". Just something I had to write down after this episode.

The first face this face saw

Amy has seared onto his heart. She was the first person he met after he had regenerated. Amelia Pond. The girl who waited. For him. For Rory. Amy, the human girl with one сердце that is big enough to Любовь both men so much.
He comes always back to her. He will always come back for her. He misses her. When he’s tired of running away he runs back to her, to the Ponds to let them fix him.
They have become a part of his life now, a very big and important part. If they...
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