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Regular POV:

She put the letter down, she froze in time,
she looked him in the eye and сказал(-а) I know you're mine,
but he was lifeless, no pulse left,
she's the one he's suppose to grow old with.

But look, she went and dialled triple 0,
they asked so many Вопросы she didn't know,
she hangs up, and calls her friend,
praying it's just a dream, it all should end.

To her it all seems so surreal,
how's she suppose to feel?
Seeing everything in life she use to have,
get carried away in a bodybag.

This is something Ты just can't brace for,
she's regretting in the past she never gave more,
she'd do...
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Chapter 10: Satisfying

Courtney moaned slowly as she rolled her hips again. She loved being on top, she felt her clit being better stimulated and she loved being in control of each movement and thrust. It was also wonderful seeing how much joy Duncan was in and how hard he was fighting to let her be in control when all he wanted to do was thrust into her harder and faster, but Courtney was going to make sure she took things slow this time.

She lifted her hips again feeling the length of him Переместить out of her before setting herself fully on вверх of Duncan again. Duncan went breathless and...
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Rated M

Chapter 9: Fluid

Courtney allowed her body to rest and relax. Before Duncan she would've been punishing her body by depriving it of sleep. She used to always force herself out of постель, кровати and get going earlier than most; she always felt the need to rush, to be ahead of the sun. Now with Duncan's arm around her she actually let the sun rise and warm her naked body and allowed the morning to pass her by carelessly.

Her eyes felt heavy and her muscles felt limp, her breathing was slow and even, her сердце beat was steady and strong. Courtney felt wonderful.

She slowly stretched and yawned herself...
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Rated M

Chapter 8: Evaporate

She needed some time away from him. Being around him constantly was making her forget where she was или why she was here. Not to mention she was sore as hell.

She liked playing it rough with Duncan, really liked it. But she needed to catch her breath.

What she also needed was a solid alliance. She knew everyone, except Duncan, was trying to vote her out of here. What really ticked her off was the fact that everyone was trying to vote her off because they had some kind of grudge against her. It wasn't her fault she was the best player in the game, why was everyone taking...
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Rated M

Chapter 7: Melting

Courtney woke up feeling numb to the bone. Her muscles felt like желе while her legs and vulva felt sore. Duncan had her back firmly pressed against his chest with one hand resting on her breast. She felt so warm and heavenly being held in his arms, she couldn't even believe she was here. She was sure this had to be some kind of crazy dream, how could it get any better?

"Morning sunshine."

Courtney automatically smiled as she moved against him lovingly. She could only hum in response too tired to use her voice. Duncan buried his face in her hair and softly rubbed the...
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Rated M

Chapter 6: Icebreaker

"We are not having sex," snapped Courtney with anger.

"Why?" snapped back Duncan in confusion.

Courtney threw his подушка straight in his face. "You know why!"

Duncan rolled his eyes figuring she'd get like this. He probably shouldn't have done it in the first place, but the idea of getting her back by pissing her off was a little too tempting.

4 hours earlier…

This was too easy for her. Getting DNA from Lindsey was a piece of pie, but despite her victory she had wanted to see Duncan all day. She missed him and honestly didn't like it. She was so independent that missing...
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Regular pov: -------Duncan and Courtney-------

They were the perfect couple, they'd always lock lips
He gave her his heart, he сказал(-а) don't drop this
She looked him in the eye, and сказал(-а) I promise you
I'll replace it with mine and it's not gonna move
He'd always ditch his friends, he put their Любовь first
But as he found out, that's when Любовь hurts
She wasn't faithful, always out creepin' round
And she was never really there whenever he'd be down
But he never caught on he was caught up
Cause growin' up, he was never really taught love
His old man always did his mum the wrong way
And whenever...
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Rated M

He was going to kill her, right after he killed Justin. Justin was obviously crushing on Courtney and she was encouraging it! "Sir Justin, I want Ты to know that I hope Ты rescue me!"

He tried to make up for his earlier fault at not paying her a compliment. "C'mon I was just kidding about the compliment. You're cute OK! I like your face, it's nice!"

She didn't even look back. They were supposed to be keeping their relationship secret but as far as everyone knew there was still potential for reconcile. Justin had no say when it came to him and Courtney.

He was still mesmerized by her amazing...
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Regular pov:

I need Ты to listen
Think, before Ты make that decision

You see I once knew a girl Named Courtney
Perfect as all hell
Happy and all swell, 'till the день that it all fell
But, Ты see one день her Друзья had asked her to come with them
A party filled with drinking and everything except wisdom, but listen
You see she сказал(-а) "nope, I need to study,"
But her Друзья were like "c'mon just have a night with all your buddies
It's totally a Saturday so come with everybody
All the alcohol Ты want and every guy there is a hottie."
"Alright" was her response, 'till not after very long it was...
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No one's pov:

Courtney's only 17, her whole life's ahead of her.
She hates school because the people there discredit her.
Her boyfriend Duncan tries to Показать her that's not how it seems.
But everyday she just gets lowered with her self-esteem.
He let's her know that every night will have a brighter day,
She even tried to overdose and take her life away.
She's feeling hopeless there just sitting down beside her bed,
Then he takes his hand and places it beside her head.

Duncan tries to hold her but with every touch courtney still resists,
And then he sees the scars that bury deep within her...
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Duncan is sitting outside at a cafe not far from his house where he has been living with his Друзья as he doesn't feel like himself. It had happened since that день on Total Drama All Stars


Duncan is walking with Gwen back on Wawanakwa as Courtney was giving Gwen an evil. "Urrgh! Courtney is glaring at me like she's setting me on fire." "Don't worry Gwen I'll give her a glare back for yah." сказал(-а) Duncan as he gave her a glare but she just looked away from him. It had made him feel vulnerable and he never wanted to feel like this before ever!

'End of Flashback'

As he was drinking his...
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Rated M

Chapter 4: Blaze

He was trying, he really was, but damn she was making it difficult without even trying. He didn't think something as stupid as creating a super hero identity would leave him groveling.

Courtney's costume was tight, too tight. He could see every single curve of her body and picture the naked flesh clearly in his mind. He acted aloof and stayed as far away from her as possible the entire day, but there were moments he slipped up. Like when she preformed the challenge Показ off her perfect flips, the costume stretched perfectly with her and he had to bite his lower lip...
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Rated M

Chapter 3: Fire

Courtney woke up with the sun shining in her face, she buried her head further into Duncan's chest to block it out. She still felt incredibly weak in the knees from what he had done to her last night. She gushed with utter delight over the things she had let him do to her.

Sure she had imagined sexual things before, but the reality of those thoughts were so much еще intense than she thought they could be, it was insane considering Duncan hadn't really done anything yet. Just thinking of last night made her wet between her legs.

"What are Ты thinking about?"

Courtney looked...
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Rated M

Chapter 2: Warmth

"You ready for the night of your life princess?"

Courtney glared the mother of all death glares as she stood stiffly in front of the king sized постель, кровати with her arms firmly crossed over her chest.

She wondered if her lawyers were good enough to prove her innocent if she decided to kill Chris. He deserved it anyway

3 hours earlier…

Once Courtney had calmed down from her little душ fiasco with Duncan she sped walked to the trailer and dressed as quickly as possible in her вверх and shorts. All she wanted was to sleep before tomorrow when she dreaded the time she would be spending...
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Rated M

Stay On Your Side

Chapter 1: Heat

One минута they were fighting, the Далее they were avoiding each other. She still didn't forgive him for hooking up with Gwen and he still couldn't stand the fact that she got special treatment just because of some dumbass lawsuit.

But there still defiantly something there, neither of them could deny it. The accidental Kiss had probably been the hottest thing either of them had experienced in a while. No doubt the flames where...
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Lunch time was finished, the kids all full and now playing among themselves.

Duncan sprawled out on the couch, socked feet in the air with Courtney in the Любовь сиденье, место, сиденья not even 3 feet away from him.

"I need еще clothes. Think I'll be going Главная soon." Duncan stated.

"Today?" Courtney asked, looking over at him.

"Yeah, probably in a few. I'll be back though... I mean, if that's okay with you." Duncan said.

Courtney sighed, "It's fine."

"You're gonna miss me?" Duncan said.

That all too familiar sensation in Courtney's сердце made it's appearance and she felt like she had swallowed a ballon.

"Y-you're going...
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Duncan's POV

I unlocked her phone instantly, knowing the code by сердце after mere секунды of peeking over at her when she was unlocking it. She never noticed. Ha, my ex-con ways eh?

I pressed my finger on her call log, seeing the name "Darryl ;)" instantly. I raised my eyebrow suspiciously. Not at the fact that he had a wink face after his name but also that he was the most Последнее call in her log. Без ответа from 5 минуты ago. That's what Princess was hiding... или should I say who.

I clicked on his name, scrolling down to see that there was a lot of talking going on between the two. Something...
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"We hooome!" Daniel сказал(-а) in a sing-song tone as Courtney pulled into the driveway.

Courtney laughed and unlocked her doors to let Dani out.

"Had fun today?" She asked her small son, holding onto his hand.

"Yes! I gonna tell daddy how mush fun I had." Daniel сказал(-а) happily.

"Well if you're happy, I'm happy." Courtney сказал(-а) to him with a grand smile.

Courtney unlocked the door and the pair walked in. Duncan and Maddie were asleep on the диван, мягкий уголок but the twins weren't in sight.

"We're back." Courtney cooed as she walked over to the couch.

Duncan peered one eye open.

"Hey princess." He сказал(-а) gruffly, lifting...
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Bridgette watched every begin to drift away after the pow wow around the campfire. She saw this opportunity of vulnerability to try and make the girls of the two cabin. She turned around and saw Courtney arguing with Duncan, again. She smiled and walked over to the pair. ''Sorry to interrupt Ты two lovebirds, but I need to borrow Courtney.'' Bridgette smiled. Courtney whipped her head and glared at the blonde.

''Yeah, I'm done bugging princess, she's all yours,'' Duncan snickered.

''Duncan, I don't need your permission to leave.'' she spat, turning her annoyance from Bridgette back to Duncan....
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Duncan had kissed her. He kissed her. Courtney let it linger for a moment before quickly pulling away and staring at him with a look of confusion.

"D-Duncan, what is wr-" She was interrupted by Duncan pulling her close to him again, hands on the small her back.

This time she didn't resist. Her tense body relaxed in his arms and began to Kiss him back. A million thoughts were going through Courtney's head but one couldn't tell her why she didn't resist.

They stayed interlocked for a while, slowly Поцелуи each other. Courtney's mind was definitely clouding her judgment. Duncan lifted her body, her...
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