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 Courtney meets Twilight Sparkle!
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I know, it's SO out of topic! But it contains Courtney, right?
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Courtney Granger hated Malfoys. No, not hate, loathe. Not only were they stuck up and vain, but they would every one of your buttons until Ты burst into flames.
This was another half reason why Courtney only stuck to herself. Well, not really alone since she usually had Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood by her side. Yup, being Hermione Granger's baby sister really had its perks. Not only was she секунда best to Hermione on everything, but Hermione was always considered a hero since she would assist Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter on their adventures.
It wasn't that Courtney hated her sister,...
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" Gwen, Gwen you'll never guess what happened today!" I сказал(-а) leaping to joy. " What happened?" " Jake asked me to the dance!" Gwen glares at me. "W-what?
Jake Hudson?" "Yah! Can't Ты believe it?" " No.. I cant. Dylan Ты know I like Jake, how could Ты do this to me?" I look angry and put my hands on my hips. "Well I like him to! He just asked me to the dance, is that a problem? Gwen sighs. "Ugh, no. Congratz..." " Bye!" I felt dizzy and " falls " into this ladies bath. "AHHH!" "Omg, I'm so sorry!!!" "Get out get out shes taking a bath! Get out of my store now! Get out!" I leave the store....
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Chris: Courtney... Harold... one of Ты is leaving tonight

Courtney glared at Duncan knowing it was Harold who would be heading home. And she was right. Leshawna ran up to Kiss Harold goodbye. But while that happened, Duncan and Courtney happily roasted their marshmallows by the campfire.

Duncan: So looks like the Princess is here for another night.

Courtney: Yeah I guess.. well I was thinking maybe Ты and I could start an alliance.

Duncan: If Ты Kiss me.

Courtney: Can it be on the cheek?

Duncan: Nope, on the lips. With your tounge.

Courtney stood in shock. But this could get her into the final...
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