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Once in the strange Canadian woods somewhere,there was a dwarf.I have no idea why he was there but he's there so deal with it,ok? The dwarf was very friendly.He was so friendly he would put bunnies on his head and yell"DO I NOT LOOK DAPPER IN MY BUNNY RABBIT HAT?"Before he puts the bunny rabbits on his head he yells"COME HERE...COME HERE!"But he never hurts a bunny rabbit.He likes bunny rabbits because when he was a child he brought Главная 2 bunnies. The Далее день he went to the mine and when he came back there was over 100 bunnies in his house. He could not get through the door so he had to go through the roof.When he was inside he could not open the door to let them out. By that time there was millions of bunnies,so many he had to break down the wall. After that the whole world around him was filled with bunnies. That is why he was in the Canadian woods.He had to escape the bunnies wrath,but he still loves bunnies.