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Выбор фанов: Yes!Super!
Выбор фанов: lucy heartifilia
I CAN&# 39; T CHOOOOOS- E!!!!! LUV...
Выбор фанов: Lucy Heartfillia
Выбор фанов: Lucy Heartfilia
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Connectkat сказал(-а) …
Sorry to every gray and lucy Фан but acordding to the creatior they have shown tons of НаЛю hints but fairy tail is about advaters and friendship. but lucy and natsu DO have a close bond together and she is on Team natsu. and it does Показать shows that lucy kinda told natsu her feeligs on episode 173 so if Hiro did put romance into the Показать then he would probloly have Natsu end up with lucy but they don't have romance in the shows или movies. so no, they probloly won't end up but it would be НаЛю Опубликовано ·3 месяцев назад
TheDuckGodess сказал(-а) …
In my perspective, Lucy should end up with Natsu. Natsu and Lucy both have an undeniable chemistry. Ты can see it in all the episodes. Granted, the first few episodes Natsu doesn't really Показать much interest in Lucy. *WARNING SPOLIERS* Fast вперед to episode 198, Lucy hugs Natsu, and Natsu doesn't pull away. Also, when Lucy got badly injured, Natsu grabbed Lucy first when she was dropped (BTW he looked pissed). To sum it all up, my hopes and dreams would be shattered if НаЛю didn't come true. Опубликовано ·3 месяцев назад
SuzyDragneel сказал(-а) …
she look great with natsu and gray, but if i had to choose it would have to go to natsu. Natsu cares so very much about lucy еще than any other girl character,and he often shows his caring side to lucy. Опубликовано ·7 месяцев назад