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News by lamia36 posted Больше года
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Three well known Hollywood celebrities, Hugh Laurie, Jack Black and Harrison Ford, have put their weight behind Epilepsy New Zealand’s Talk About It! Campaign, appearing on Телевидение adverts throughout November and early December, asking everybody to do the same… just talk about.

With the support of Pub Charity, this will be the first time ever that epilepsy and Epilepsy New Zealand will appear on New Zealand screens.

‘Talk About It!’ is a national campaign dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy.

In November annually, Epilepsy New Zealand is asking everyone to talk about epilepsy in support of raising greater awareness and understanding of the condition.

Epilepsy New Zealand has planned this national campaign to raise awareness and understanding of epilepsy on a national level.

To learn еще about how Ты can become involved in Epilepsy New Zealand’s first ever ‘Talk About It!’ campaign visit www.epilepsy.org.nz to read all the different ways that Ты can support people with epilepsy this November. Epilepsy…It’s time to talk about it.
News by AreKay posted Больше года
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Written By Jon Lachonis on June 14th, 2012 at 1:57 pm

The RoboCop remake is mining TV's best for its leading roles. Joel Kinnaman of The Killing has already signed on to play Alex Murphy, the Detroit cop whose body is illegally harvested to complete the cyborg crime-stopper known as RoboCop. In the original film, the creation of RoboCop is a sort of PR effort by mega-corp OCP (Omni Consumer Products), who are making a bid to buy the city of Detroit. RoboCop is part of their efforts to prove they can quell the emergence of high tech criminals that control much of the dystopia of Detroit.

Variety announced today that House's Hugh Laurie will be stepping into the role of OCP CEO "The Old Man", played by Irish actor Dan O'Herily in the original film. Much of the buzz reports Laurie taking on the role of the film's 'Villain', but in the original film (SPOILER ALERT) "The Old Man" was еще или less a figure-head and much of the villainy went on amongst the power brokers beneath him. This suggests the remake is on a new track, plot wise.
Article by HouseMdAddict posted Больше года
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Hugh Laurie happily sings the blues, USA Today

Let’s face it: Hugh Laurie is probably not the first person who comes to mind when Ты think of New Orleans.

Yet there the House звезда is, on PBS, starring in the SeptemberGreat Performances special Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – a Celebration of New Orleans Blues. And he won’t just be hosting — he’s Пение and playing the Пианино with Irma Thomas, Tom Jones and Allen Toussaint, among other New Orleans stars. It was, he says, a dream come true.

“This whole experience has been really closer to who I am than many things I have done, I suppose because the subject was so dear to my сердце … It was very unplanned. It was a genuine journey of discovery.”

Laurie’s view of New Orleans, the city and its sound, is clear: “I Любовь and respect that Музыка as much as I Любовь and respect anything” – a Любовь that extends to a city that he thinks “will rise again and again and again no matter what people throw at it, because it is indomitable.”
List by alenapaula posted Больше года
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Release date:
09. Mai 2011 (UK)
17. Mai 2011 (US)

Track List

1. Saint James Infirmary
2. Ты Don't Know My Mind
3. Buddy Bolden's Blues
4. The кит Has Swallowed Me
5. John Henry (Featuring Irma Thomas)
6. They're Red Hot
7. Six Cold Feet In The Ground
8. The Battle Of Jericho
9. After You've Gone (Featuring Dr. John)
10. Swanee River
11. Police Dog Blues
12. Tipitina
13. Whinin' Boy Blues
14. Baby, Please Make A Change (Featuring Sir Tom Jones & Irma Thomas)
15. Let Them Talk

# Audio CD (9 May 2011)
# Number of Discs: 1
# Label: Warner Bros.

Article by playingcold posted Больше года
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I've already Опубликовано this on the House MD-spot but I need your help too.

There's an Статья on ff.net which is not a story but a bashing against Huddy- and House-fans, it is attacking also Hugh and Lisa E. It's there since 5 или 6 days, has already 4 chapters. We've already reported it multiple times but the admin didn't do anything.

The article: link

Here's an excerpt from Chapter 4, it was updated today:

"I think they should огонь Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein and replace them with Rick Astley and Lady Gaga. Becaue I would rather get fucking rickrolled and listen to Bad Romance all день instead of watching Laurie's and Edelstein's "chemistry" that only Huddy Фаны can seem to spot.

Hugh Laurie's accent pisses me off. He claims to hate his American accent, when that sound 100 times better than his dumbass british one. He needs to shut the fuck up unless he's using his american one.
Fan fiction by HugeEgoSorry posted Больше года
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House walked and stood beside Hugh a few weeks later. Both of them were silently staring at the actor’s body.
House: I saw your result, looks like you’ll be out for good…
Hugh turned to look at him.
Hugh: Thank you…
House nodded and they glanced back at the body.
Hugh: How about you?
House: <shook his head> I don’t know…
Hugh looked at him as he made his way to the chair in front of the bed. He raised his arms and let it stay behind his neck while looking at his friend’s body.
Hugh: And Ты can live with that?
House: Live? I am not alive…
Hugh: And you’re okay with that?
House: <sighed> I guess so… ---- I don’t want to be there again. I want to be here…
Hugh: Why?
House: Because… There’s no pain here… I am not miserable and I am alone…
Hugh: Being alone makes Ты miserable…
House: Tell me, you’re not miserable?
Hugh looked back at his body again.
House: Both of us are. ---- The only difference is that Ты have mouths to feed and I don’t.
Fan fiction by HugeEgoSorry posted Больше года
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One evening, House and Hugh found themselves seated in front of the other. Both of them shared a bottle of whisky with only the light of the hallway lighting up. Hugh happened to notice the стол письменный, стол calendar that says June 11, 2009.
Hugh: <sighed> Another год finished… another год to face, hopefully…
House turned to look at the calendar as well before giving a quick eyebrow raise.
House: Birthday?
Hugh gave his quick eyebrow raise too.
House: 50?
Hugh: How’d Ты ---
House: Trust me. It’s just a coincidence…
Hugh chuckled and House smiled before both of them seemed have nothing to say anymore.
House: So, what have Ты done lately?
Hugh: Nothing much… Interviews here, interview there, fly here, fly there… Usual stuff.
House: Define usual…
Hugh: Things I routinely do…
House: I hate doing stuff being done repeatedly. Except thinking about Cuddy’s boobs and ass, of course. --- I mean, what’s the point of doing things if Ты already done them?
Fan fiction by HugeEgoSorry posted Больше года
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Hugh came in to House’s office that same night. He took the сиденье, место, сиденья across the таблица as the doctor looked at him closely.
House: Hugh Laurie… Married for almost 20 years with three publicly known kids, 50 years old and ---
Hugh looked at him.
Hugh: How did Ты ---
House: Эй, I got my own interweb here…
Hugh: And I’m screwed.
Silence followed for a few minutes.
Hugh: If I accept this dream или hallucination или whatever Ты call it, would it bring me back to life?
House: I doubt it…

By Далее morning, Hugh and House found themselves sharing таблица in the cafeteria. They were eating some hallucinated рувим, повторно назначать сэндвич, бутерброд and coffee while staring at their best buddies, Stephen Fry and James Wilson from afar.
Hugh: If we know each other, do they know each other too?
House: If they do, they could have shared a таблица too…
Hugh: I shouldn’t die. There’s еще for me to do with Stephen…
House: Yah, me too. I have a lot of chips to snack away from Wilson.
Review by nataselli posted Больше года
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Somebody got front row seats to see the Jonathan Ross Показать and this what was cut out. I did ask them if I could post this and they сказал(-а) it was ok. They me to keep their name out of this. Injoy

What follows is, as best I can give, a transcript of the 30 минута interview. Around half of which should be shown tonight. I will include any extra Комментарии along the way…

JR: Is there a fake American doctor in the house?

Queue 4 Poofs and a Пианино – JR’s resident band– singing, “Welcome to the House of Fun” which makes a change from the other usual Madness song, “Our House”.

Out walks Hugh – dark shirt, куртка and trousers with full King George VI/Osama Bin Laurie beard.

JR: Bearded and hunky for your viewing pleasure. Congratulations on the huge success of House. It’s a massive hit isn’t it.

HL: I don’t know about massive, enormous perhaps, immense but it’s done awfully well and I’m very proud.
Fan fiction by HugeEgoSorry posted Больше года
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Hugh sighed and looked at him and he apparently moved his head to look in the room again.
Hugh: Am I dead?
House looked at him, letting his eyes say things for awhile.

House: No…
Hugh took a deep breath and moved uneasily thinking the man with the cane beside him is making fun of his misery. House looked at him for awhile and looked вперед again.
House: But there’s something wrong with you…
Both of them looked at each other again.
House: You’re out of your body. ---- You’re a soul…
Hugh: Ты just сказал(-а) I’m not ---- I can’t be JUST a soul… I have my family…
House: That’s when having a family sucks…
House began to walk away from him and sat down on the bench again.
Hugh: Ты don’t have a family, do you?
House: <popped a pill first> Didn’t Ты hear me?
Hugh shook his head in annoyance to the arrogant man. Suddenly, his attention was caught by a noise coming from behind. He turned and looked at his wife, Jo, coming in his room with tears and immediately hugged his lifeless body. From where he stood, he could tell how painful it was for her to see him...
Fan fiction by HugeEgoSorry posted Больше года
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Hugh finally woke up after two days of coma. He had a bike accident and was rushed to the nearest hospital in Century City. He ran his fingers on his beard, feeling some facial hair and knew he was still alive. He sighed before noticing that he was alone in his hospital room. Does his family know what happened? His co-workers, why aren’t they here? But then he doesn’t want them to know anyway. He tried to got on his feet after knowing he could sit up and he was surprised to know that the nurse behind those glass window doesn’t care but still he tiptoed out of the ICU leaving his IV behind.

A few walks had been made before he decided to rest on a hallway bench and stared at the room where he was awhile ago. A figure suddenly sat down Далее to him, a few inches apart. A man with matted brown hair, dressed with in suit and pants and with a cane. Gregory House. Both of them didn’t bother to look at each other since they’re too focused on the ICU room before them. House was twirling his cane and a cell phone was Hugh’s. The cane accidentally slipped out of House’s finger and it landed on the floor making a quite loud noise.
Article by mrshouse62689 posted Больше года
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Note: This originally came from www.hughlauriefan.com, but I could not obtain a link to the specific interview, only the Фан site in general. All of the following text is from that Фан site, I'm just posting it here to share.

We have translated the French interview to Hugh made by six lucky readers Опубликовано on Le Parisien newspaper for those of Ты who don't understand French. It's a wonderful interview! Enjoy!

He arrives at the Parisien 15 минуты late . But we forgive everything to Hugh Laurie ! Can we do otherwise when the звезда of House starts to apologize right away to the 6 readers who are there to meet him? The British actor added up to 9,3 millions viewers for Season 4 broadcasted on TF1 . And he's the секунда best-seller in France with his novel " Tout est sous contrôle " (The Gun Seller) launched in January . Visiting Paris to promote his book, the man is simple, kind and attentive. He's very far from the crippled, arrogant and cynical diagnostician that he's been playing since 2004 . Coming out of the limo, the actor shows the attitude of a relaxed 50 years old (he turns 50 in June). Wearing dark brown...
Review by te35hay posted Больше года
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For the week of September 29 - October 5, Fox’s Fall 18-49 demo king House had the largest audience via DVR viewing with 3.583 million viewers via DVRs. NBC’s Герои was секунда with a DVR viewing audience of 2.903 million. Rounding out the вверх ten for the largest DVR audiences were Desperate Housewives, Fringe, NCIS, Survivor:Gabon, Bones, Criminal Minds, Two and A Half Men and CSI:Miami.

The CW’s 90210 had the вверх Показать for percentage increase over their Live audience increasing 41.1% in Live+7 viewing. Rounding out the вверх 10 for largest % increase via DVR viewing were Heroes, House, Privileged, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe, Prison Break, Gossip Girl and America’s вверх Model.

Although we know now that DVR viewing past the airdate is entirely meaningless to the show’s advertising revenue and likely its ultimate success, we like seeing the trends regardless
Opinion by misanthrope86 posted Больше года
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Here are some Цитаты from Hugh Laurie that I thought were hilarious, yet wise.

"I know everyone says they have a wonderful crew and certainly that can't be the case. We can't all be wonderful. Somebody somewhere is working with a crew of drunken thieves. But it's not me. They smell of newly mown grass."

"I grew up with an impatience with the anti-scientific. So I'm a bit miffed with our current Любовь affair with all things Eastern. If I sneeze on the set, 40 people hand me echinacea. But I'd no sooner take that than eat a pencil. Maybe that's why I took up boxing. It's my response to men in white pyjamas feeling each other's chi."

"Perfection is intensely annoying. Audiences were ready for a character who didn't obey the usual pieties of modern life.”

"Given that the ages of all the other nominees probably don't add up to mine, I felt that was a real triumph."(when asked about his Teen Choice Award, Los Angeles Times - September 23, 2007).