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invader zim: enter the florpus
enter the florpus
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I have written Фан fiction before, but only one My Chemical Romance Фан fic and a few 'House MD' Фан fics. This is my first 'Invader Zim' Фан fiction. I don't write Фан fiction like most people do. My Фан fics are designed to be funny and they do not follow normal Фан fiction conventions. If Ты do not like the way I right, that is fine, but please don't tell me how my story would be better if I ended it a different way или made it longer или something. This Фан fic is just for fun, take it или leave it. I hope Ты like though!

Zim & ГИР Go To The Mall

"GIR, do Ты have any sevens?"

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