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" What did I do to deserve such hatred from my suppose fans? Please tell me so I can do something to rebuild their faith." Joe сказал(-а) out loud to whoever was listening up there as tears streamed down his face in silent tribute to his сердце hurting with pain.

He felt one pair on arms go around his shoulders and someone else running their hands down his back, Thank God for Kevin and Nick as he really needed someone to comfort him and since the number #1 person was halfway around the world right now they were the 2nd people he wanted to see right now.

"Dude, why do Ты torture yourself by reading...
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okay, i decided to Загрузить two episodes and depending on the feedback will determine if i Загрузить the rest. note: don't be scared, it's not really anything bad.

Joe's p.o.v.
"10,9,8," shouted the entire Hogwarts school except me as they counted down the New Years eve/day fireworks at the stroke of midnight.
"7,6,5" To me it was just another long endless year.
"4,3,2,"It would always be the same as the last.
"1" shouted the crowd but my brother's voice higher than the rest.
In about a second, the sky exploded with fireworks and I stood up starting to walk back through the crowd who were standing up...
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Title: The Consequences of Fame
Summary: Joe's thoughts about the paparazzi always being in his business
Author's Note: I don't own anybody. Please review.

DJ Danger's Personal Blog:

The paparazzi are pathetic. I understand that they are only doing their jobs to get the money to support their families and that as both musicians and actors we should expect the public, namely our fans, should want to know as much about us and our personal lives as they can which means the gossip magazines and the paparazzi have to be "all up in our business" as much as they can.

Heck I can't even go out for a nice...
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