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Source: Welcome to Disney, Mew Mew Power!
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Mutt it. Lettuce's attack was interrupted by that crystal in the sky. I CALL BEING THE ACTOR OF PUDDING! (Sorry she is too cute.) Plus Kisshu vs Blue knight Любовь it. I fist Youtube ALOT.
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Zoey was walking down the street, as she saw two robotic figures.

???: Have u seen him yet, Sky Rider?

Sky Rider: not yet X

Zoey: whoa... -hides behind a rock-

As Zoey watched,as an array of giant cards that look like Bar-code destroy Sky Rider.

Kamen Rider Kabuto: no! Sky Rider!

Suddenly, the attack destroyed Kabuto and X, as a mysterious figure appeared, as Zoey began to run to the Mew Mew Cafe...

Zoey: -runs into the cafe, panting-

Bridget: Whats wrong Zoey?


Kikki: Ohhhhh cool Robots! -does a twirl-

Zoey: this one looked like a Barcode Scanner...
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Chapter 2

*Mew Mew Cafe*

Zoe: I can't believe Ты are Kamen Rider Gaim, Kota.

Kota: *Sighs* I'm really sorry, I should have told Ты before.

Zoe: It's alright. It's just what Elliot thinks is the problem...

Elliot: *Walks in* Kota, may I speak to Ты in private?

Kota: Alright.

*The other room*

Elliot: I'm really disappointed in Ты Kota. But there is something that I must tell you.

Kota: What is it?

Elliot: I am one of the members of the Mew Mew Project, a вверх secret fighting force made to protect the earth from aliens.

Kota: Huh? Aliens?

Elliot: It's a long story...

*Predacyte Alarm Rings*

Kota: *Looks...
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Chapter 3


Zoe: *In the waiting room*

Mimi: *Asleep*

Nurse: *Walks in* Zoe, Mimi, Ты can see Kota now.

*Kota's Room*

Zoe: *Rushes in* Kota! *tries to hug him*

Kota: Эй, Zoe.

Zoe: Kota...what happened?

Kota: Both of my legs are broken and my head is spinning like crazy.

Elliot: Kota also has a bad concussion. It'll be a little while before he can Переместить his legs.

Zoe: And what about the guy who did this to him?

Kota: *Looks at Zoe* That was Kamen Rider Baron. He's one of the Armored Riders.

Zoe: And what about the other guy?

Kota: That was Kamen Rider Kurokage.

Zoe: Kota...what should we do?

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Mew Mew Power- Episode 1. I also count that this is the first episode/video uploaded to this spot. I hope Ты enjoy it. :)
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This might be a TMM video and not MMP but they are realated after all. :3 I Do Not Own This.
Decided to make this fanfic for fun. ^^

Also keep in mind that the character "Kasey" is not known in any Mew Mew merchendise, franchise, etc. because it is my Фан character. So don't bother on asking me who или what this character is part of the story. Thank you. ^^

The story of "Mew Mew Power: A New Generation" takes place during the events when Dren and the Cyniclons try to conquer Earth and make it their home. While Zoey and the other Mew Mews fight against these group of bad guys, there is also a mystery person fighting against the Cyniclons too- a person unknown to the whole world and even...
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