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In this Статья I made an attempt to interpret Misha Collins' handwriting which is called graphological analysis. Before Ты start jumping to the conclusion that I'm crazy (which I will not refute!) I must note that I attended a brief Graphology course at университет which of course doesn't make me a graphologist (aka handwriting interpreter), but just made me еще interested in this science. In order to interpret Misha Collins handwriting I searched in the Internet and found 5 autographs that he has дана to Фаны in conventions. This specimen is small but a girl has to do what she can with...
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posted by iceprincess7492
These are some of the little known facts about Misha, или even if they are known, just thought it would be nice to mention!

1. His full name is Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic Collins

2. He’s from Greenville, Massachusetts.

3. He married his high school sweetheart.

4. He built Vicki a house.

5. He once got arrested because he went to read a book on вверх of a bank because he needed better lighting.

6.He likes green tea.

7. He has two turtles.

8. He smells like watermelons.

9. He has spent several months in seclusion in monasteries in Tibet.

10. He is a certified lifeguard, EMT, and motorcyclist.

11. He has...
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posted by Inetux
Dear Castiel, Энджел of Thursday,

I know I will sound out a little bit stupid, though you're not real, but it is what I feel. I am not accustomed to hide feelings and could talk for hours about everything that happens in the world, but it's not the main theme there. I am Письмо this letter because Ты inspire me be a better person, not to be afraid of mistakes, be myself, Ты were always with me in my life when I had many hard moments.
I still remember the first time Ты appeared and I was left breathless, not because of your appearance, but because of your eyes. Peoplē in my country usually...
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posted by Stitch013
All around the world people have dreams and goals in life even though sometimes it don't seem like it, but trust me you do. I have alot of dreams and goals, but my main one is "Meeting Misha Collins." Even when I first saw him on the T.V. show called "Supernatural" right then and there I wanted to know his name soon enough his name pop-up you can say Misha Collins. I decide to go on internet and see for myself and I found a whole lot of facts for example his name is Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic. Weird name isn't it, readers I still don't get it he was born in Boston not Jerusalem,...
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*Hey guys, I wrote this blog in December of last год and I mentioned some charities that I truly enjoy, the last one is Misha's charity, Болталка Acts. If Ты want to read about all the charities feel free, if you'd rather skip straight to RA, that's totally fine too. Just wanted to share this with you. Enjoy*

Make the World a Better Place. Take a Look at Yourself and MAKE THE CHANGE

As I sit here perusing some of my old posts, I am astonished at lack of depth that encompasses most of them. They are merely the incessant ramblings of a young girl that have no true value. There isn't much meat there,...
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I am not crazy Фан as some are. One night I was flipping through the channels I saw a Показать called Сверхъестественное I thought that sounds really stupid. My mom told me she wanted to see it. I thought I am going to suffer through this, BUT when I first watch it I am like I Любовь it then, Mom got Сверхъестественное on nexflix. Then a season I saw Misha collins или Castiel. I сказал(-а) to myself who is he is kidna hot. Then at the credits pop up Misha Collins looked him. I am like new Избранное actor. My Избранное thing he did was the beggining of the 5th season Dean and Castiel went to sheriff office looking for...
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posted by Stitch013
Everybody has a part to play. Right now, I am seeing the радуга I am only seeing gray.We can sit here amd talk about how times are tough. Right here! Right now! I Вопрос myself.

I thought my dream was going to come true. Meeting Misha Collins. It's not looking good I am doubting myself. I thought my dream will come true. Meeting him will change me. Look at me, now I am fighting the tears. Tell you, the truth sometimes dreams don't come true.

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I am living a Фэнтези life of meeting him one день face to face. Look around me do Ты see it happening. I don't we could just listen...
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