There were a decent amount of good films in 2017. One of 2017's best films is My Little Pony: The Movie. Although the film seems to mostly be appealing to people who are big Фаны of the Показать I think that several people would get lots of enjoyment out of the film.

The film's plot may not seem super complex, but it does a great job of setting up fun adventure. The plot is about Twilight Sparkle and her best Друзья (Applejack, радуга Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Spike) trying to save Equestria from the Storm King. The Storm King's henchwoman, Tempest Shadow, is trying to take the magic away from Twilight and the other princesses. The ponies travel to various places and meet other species including a cat, pirates, and other royals.

The Последнее My Little пони franchise sadly hasn't gotten some respect from people due to being about ponies. When I heard about this franchise it seemed to be too sweet and not really exciting. However the modern My Little пони franchise and this film have a very meaningful amount of good feelings. The emotions in the film feel genuine and impactful instead of too kid friendly and boring. The film made me feel happy in a special type of way. I think that if Ты view the film with fairness Ты can get tons of enjoyment out of how emotionally kind and fun the film is.

The film has several famous people in it. The biggest stand out is Emily Blunt. Her voice Актёрское искусство is awesome. Tara Strong does a really good job as Twilight Sparkle. The characters are very likeable. Twilight's quite the hero and the Storm King is a pretty awesome villain. Tempest is a very cool henchwoman and the con artist cat is very impactful.

The Анимация is really charming and pleasing. Some of the film's best qualities are the songs. The songs are memorable and a treat to listen to. They add so much pleasant charm to the film. Every song in the film is good.

в общем и целом, общая the 2017 My Little пони film is a charming, sweet, cute, and fun that I think tons of people should watch.