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Выбор фанов: I amor the news characters: Ivy, Tilly and Sabine
I amor the news characte- rs:...
Sometimes Adult Henry&# 39; s...
Выбор фанов: Rogers
Выбор фанов: As reformed Killian
Выбор фанов: i don't think this season is worst but i also don't think is amazing
i don&# 39; t think this season is...
Gothel and Drizella are the...
Выбор фанов: Regina is perfect in every role (Regina, EQ, Wish EQ, Roni)
Regina is perfect in every...
I really Любовь Wish Hook much...
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HaleyDewit сказал(-а) …
So, Drizella is basically the only interesting thing about this season. Опубликовано ·21 дней назад
KataraLover прокомментировал(-а)…
Drizella is great (Never thought I'd say that) but I prefer Tiana and Alice over her. Gothel is also pretty cool. But yeah, this season really SUCKS! It's a shame because the first six seasons were really good (Minus the Холодное сердце story arc). Season 7 has it's moments and could've worked as it's own spin-off Показать but is relying too much on being similar to season 1 but has none of the charm and is just a cheap imitation that keeps crapping on it. ·20 дней назад
hatelarxene сказал(-а) …
Drizella is so deliciously evil, and I Любовь it. Опубликовано ·29 дней назад
KataraLover сказал(-а) …
It's because of episode 3 of season 7 that I'm DONE giving this unnecessary season a chance! *SPOILERS* NO ONE messes with Ana *END OF SPOILERS*! Опубликовано ·1 месяц назад