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Can someone draw her for me?

hi everyone okay bad news is I forgot my bff's b-day(aka suzyisbrute) so I need someone to draw her character Bella as a teenager for me so I can Показать her....from what I know here's what she looks like:

Light skin,a brown ponytail,an оранжевый рубашка with a black звезда on it,yellow pants,orange eyes,(btw her ponytail on this is long),and she should be holding an оранжевый cell phone.

im turning this into a contest whoever wins will get 10 props!just mark your drawing "Bella Contest Entry"


 GingerxMandark posted Больше года
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shizuka556674 said:
Sorry i didnt realy have Цвета at the time
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posted Больше года 
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