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 Princeton ожерелье to me
Princeton necklace to me
LIVING ROOM..........

Me: yu guys dont hav to buy us stuff in order to keep us
Princeton: but its for the prom instead of the hand цветок yu suppose to wear
Roc: yea we wanted to get somethin else tht yu could wear everyday
Jacob: yu wanna keep talkin или giv to them
RayRay: right
Princeton: o yea
Roc: yu girls turn around and close yur eyes
We turned around and didnt know wat was bout to happen then i felt Princeton behind me and i felt a cold piece of metal go from my chest to my neck and heard a CLICK
Princeton: turn around but keep yur eyes close
We turned around wit our eyes closed
Roc: OK now yu can open them
We opened our eyes and looked at our necks to find a letter not jus a letter tho they first letter in they MB name (expect Jacob)
Us: awwwww
We ran up and hugged our boii
Me: i Любовь yu
Princeton: Любовь yu to * Поцелуи me *
Me: yu look good in a tie
Princeton: i know
Me: *sings* yur not shy and loving yur tie * pulls on his tie* yu lik slicker then a guy wit thing on his eye * points to my eye*
Princeton: yur so crazy
Me: ooo stop it its called MINDLESS
We laughed
Princeton: yu girls and guys ready to go
Us: yea
The guys walked us out to the limo and put us in and the boiis wer still outside talkin
Princeton: dont forget we rehearsed and its should be around wait wat time is it ......9:30 OK around 11:00 thts wen will take place OK
Me: yu guys coming
Princeton: yea
They got in the car and we drove to the pace it was taking place


Princeton: Alright so lets get this prom night out
Us: yea woot woot * raising the roof dance move*
The boiis got out first in this order Roc, RayRay,Jacob L. and Princeton then Roc was waitin at the limo door to help Tyti out then RayRay helped Sis out then Jacob helped Jazzy out then last but not least Princeton helped me out
Princeton: lets go make yur night the best night ever
Boiis: yea

INSIDE THE PROM..............

We walked in to see all our school pals they came up and they hugged me and then saw my дата and looked at me lik i was crazy they took pics wit them and got autographs and then they enjoyed their night
Ms.Donovan: i see we hav a famous group in the building
The light shined on MB
Ms.Donovan: we wer wonder in if yu would perform a little later lik an час или so
Princeton: we Любовь to but can we use yur stage and mic at 11
Ms.Donovan: sure y not
Roc: OK we will perform in a hour
Ms.Donovan: OK
Roc: RayRay go call Prodigy
RayRay: call Prodigy and tell to be here in less than an hour
Roc: yea
RayRay came back from the callin prodigy but he didnt look happy bout it we gathered around
RayRay: he сказал(-а) only if he can Kiss Vic
Princeton: o he__ no
Roc: but we need him to come
Me: yu do need him
Princeton: man why always tryin to tak my girl
Me: he can try as much as he want to but he will neva hav it cuz its own to a boii name Princeton* hugging him*
Princeton: OK but if he do anything else he gone ......
I kissed him so he could keep calm
RayRay: imma tell him
RayRay ran to the bathroom and called him and told him he could and he came back
RayRay: he сказал(-а) he will be here in 10 and wer on in 30
Princeton: alright
RayRay: he puttin on his tuxedo and heading here
Us: OK
Princeton pulled me into a corner alone
Princeton: we hav to talk
Me: its OK Princey i know wat too do if he get out of hand but i im not doin it hea only at the house
Princeton: yu read my mind * Поцелуи me*
Me: lets get the othas and take pics
Princeton: yea
We went and got the othas and went to the photographer and got ready to take pics the first one was all of us then a silly фото then Roc and Tyti then Jazzy and Jacob then RayRay and Jazzy then me And Princeton then the boiis only and girls only
Princeton: i get the pics
RayRay: Prodigy here im goin to get him
Roc: yu ladies havin fun
Girls: yea
Roc: this night isn't over and there еще surprise for yu in stored

To be continued................
 Roc ожерелье to Tyti
Roc necklace to Tyti
 RayRay ожерелье to Sis
RayRay necklace to Sis
 Jacob L. ожерелье to Jazzy
Jacob L. necklace to Jazzy
 Prodigy's tuxedo
Prodigy's tuxedo
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