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Do any of Ты remember VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom)

VMK was an online game that Ты go into this virtual Magic Kingdom and Ты have an Аватар of yourself and Ты talk to other people and Ты play games and stuff. it closed in 2008 I just wanted to know if Ты know if its gonna open again или at least something like it.

 FearlessSinger posted Больше года
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caligurl16 said:
OMGSH yeah that was like my Избранное game!!! I wish they didn't close it, I had so much fun on there! There's also Habbo Hotel and stuff like that but it doesn't compare to VMK
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posted Больше года 
IKR! that was my Избранное game to. i <3 vmk
FearlessSinger posted Больше года
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