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zanhar1 posted on Jun 27, 2016 at 06:44PM
This forum is not meant to attack people who are innocent. I made it strictly to out the people who deliberately start fights and then delete or edit their comments to make you look stupid and/or like the bad guy.

This forum is for defense purposes only,l and for getting the whole truth out when a user or troll attempts to make you look bad.

This forum is also here to ensure that outright lies aren't made up as I've seen many instances where a person tried to slander another user by starting PM related rumors.

Please don't abuse this forum by posting about innocent users.
Basically this is a 'receipt forum'.
For that I encourage people to not bash the deleter. Just post the proof and give some background.

Hopefully this will discourage abuse of the deleting system and shed light on issues that need such.
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