Болталка Who will win in a Death Battle Royale?

Pick one:
Zilla (The actual King of Monsters)
Yongary (A кулер, охладитель monster than Gamera)
Mephisto Pheles (The largest dick ever!!)
Mephisto (Marvel version)
Gaara (A ninja that has trouble sleeping)
The Chipettes (Who watch these movies??)
Umbreon (A cat dog thing that hates fairies)
Discord (Crazedsitsomfan's false boyfriend)
Luigi (Most useless sidekick in video games)
Death the Kid (The boy who hates seven)
Karen Kujo (Blondies are so 80s)
Nick Wilde (The лиса, фокс who refuse to do the barrel roll)
Gemini Saga (Batman's evil twin)
Nu-13 (A robot with an unlucky number)
Genocider Syo (Ghirahim's little sister)
Regina Mills (Forever Upon a Time)
Sends out Milotic to stop all this pointless fight.
make пицца not war
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Moka Akashiya
Robert (Rubber)
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stephen hawking, motherf#$%er.
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 zilla1998 posted Больше года
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