Болталка Which is the coolest your mom joke... add еще if Ты know more.

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Your moms so fat she plays pool with the planets.
your moms so old she sat behind Иисус in the third grade.
your moms so мотыга, мотыги she has her own speed humps.
your moms so fat when she broke her leg подливка, соус poured out.
Your mom's so scary that lord voldemort avada kedavraed his жопа, попка when he saw her
Added by potterandtdi
Your moms so stupid, she don't know that two plus two equals four
your moms so stupid when i told her her your birthday was around the corner she r
Added by zanhar1
your moms so stupid she stuck a battery up her жопа, попка and сказал(-а) "I GOT THE POWER"
Added by jazz411
Your mama's so stupid, she украл, палантин free bread.
Added by zanesaaomgfan
Your Moms so fat she jumped up in the sky and got stuck!
Added by breebree446
Your mom's so fat she got stuck in the Floo Network
Added by xXSweeneyXx
your mom jokes bad apart from the one about what me and her did after your bedti
Added by orangeturnip
Yor mama&# 39; s so dumb she sat on the TV and watched...
Yor mama's so dumb she sat on the TV and watched the диван, мягкий уголок
Added by TDIlover4ever
yo mama so stupid she thought Jar Jar came with...
yo mama so stupid she thought Jar Jar came with pickles pickles
Added by pokeman101
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