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posted by titanicdragon
I don't own ROTG but I do own April. Rated Teen for swearing, sex themes and violence.

April's pov

My name is April Lynda, weird name I know, but I'm suck with it. Anyway I have long golden hair, and hazel eyes which some people believe they are Золото in the right light that is. Only a few people have сказал(-а) that my best friend Alex Jameson, my grandfather Art and my uncle Alec. My parents died when I was little so I really don't remember them much. My grandfather took care of me up tills his death 3 years ago. He was the best He always told me that

"April Ты were meant to do great things"

I smiled...
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posted by titanicdragon
Pitch's Pov

I walked around my lair, enjoying the quite and the darkness that went with it. I Остаться в живых to the guardians about 3 mouths ago, I had Остаться в живых control of the fearlings for while but I was able to regain control of them. I started spreading nightmares once again, but did without being seen.

I was deep in thought of how to get rid of the big four and get Jack to my side. He might have beat me, but I knew that they would never truly get his trust after ignore him for 300 years and they would never understand what it was like to be alone and I knew that. The Вопрос was how was I going to do...
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