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posted by silverstruelove
Zagic:i hate you!
Zilver:Zags listen to me!!
An час earlier:
Zagic:im not sure if i should do this
Zuna:zags Ты are going to have to do this sooner или later
Zagic:fine only if you, Zelly, Zella, Ziara, Zammy, and Zachel come in case something bad happens
10 минуты later:
Zelly:our little Zags is growing up
Zagic:(blushing) shut up Zelly
Zella:we cant help it. We never thought Ты would ask
Zagic:i changed my mind
Zuna:but Zags if Ты said
Zagic:i changed my oopphhh! (Bumps into someone)
??????:im so sorry i should of been watching where i was going
Zagic:no it's my fault. Oh my glasses.
??????:(picks them up) here
Zagic:thanks. I swear if i Остаться в живых these i would as blind as a bat (puts on glasses, eyes widen, and she blushes)
Zilver:(blushes at how close his face was to Zagic's face) um hi Zagic
Zuna:(smiles) we're going to leave Ты two alone
Zagic:(looks at Zuna with pleading eyes)
Zuna:see ya Zags (leaves with the other girls)
Zagic:(blushing and thinking) i got to tell him
Zilver:(blushing and thinking) i got to tell her
Zilver:yeah Zagic
Zagic:do Ты like me
Zilver:yeah (thinking) yes i Любовь you
Zagic:i mean do Ты like me as a friend или as something else
Zilver:as a friend (thinking) as a girlfriend
Zilver:Zagic are Ты ok?
Zagic:yeah (gets up and pulls Zilver up too)
Zilver:(noticing Zagic's blue eyes) Zagic are Ты sure your ok
Zagic:yeah (looks down with tears brimming her eyes)
Zilver:(lifts her face up) Zagic Ты aren't telling me the truth
Zagic:you want to know why im not ok
Zilver:of course
Zagic:fine. It's because i Любовь you, but i see Ты dont feel the same (starts to walk away)
Zilver:(blushing) Ты do?
Zilver:(thinking) she Любовь me! (Grabs her arm)
Zilver:(pulls Zagic into a kiss)
Zagic:(blushing and slowly closes her eyes)
Zilver:(breaks kiss)
Zagic:zilver? Why did Ты do that?
Zilver:(thinking) Tell her now! (Normal) because i know i can't Любовь Ты so i kissed you
Zagic:(feels her сердце break) so Ты kissed me because Ты felt bad for me
Zilver:(nods) im being a friend (thinking) say that Ты Любовь her
Zagic:you took my first Kiss because Ты were being a friend
Zilver:yes (thinking) nonononononono
Zagic:i knew i was stupid to fall in Любовь with you. I bet Ты Любовь Zlaze еще than me
Zilver:Zagic i...
Zagic:i dont want to talk to you
Zilver:Zagic i just...
Zagic:(glares at him with red eyes) just leave me alone (runs away)
Zilver:(runs after her) Zagic wait
Zilver:Zagic as the leader of our group. I command Ты to stop
Zagic:(stops but doesn't turn around)
Zilver:Zagic i just wanted to say
Zagic:(tears rolling down her face and sniffling)
Zilver:(hears Zagic crying) Zagic im sorry
Zagic:just leave me alone
Zuna:(runs to Zagic and hugs her) Zilver just
Zilver:(walks away)
Zella:we should of let her not go through this
Zammy:(hugging Zagic) shh it's ok
Zelly:(growls) im going to kick his butt
Zachel:dont do it you'll go to the boot camp
Ziara:besides Zagic needs us
Zagic:(thinking i hate my life)

Will Zagic still Любовь Zilver? Will she listen to what he has to say? Will she find out that he loves here? Found out in chapter 2

Zella: Bella
Zagic: Magic
Zilver: Silver
Zuna: Luna
Zelly: Kelly
Ziara: Tiara
Zachel: Rachel
Zammy: Sammy
Zlaze: Blaze
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The Story begins When Pella is sitting on her постель, кровати alone with Tails.
Pella:I wish I could go on a Quest...A big one too!
Tails:Well Ты can!
Tails:Well Where do Ты wanna go?
Pella:Anywhere! I just want to impress Knux!
Tails:Why dont Ты just tell him that?
Pella:It's kinda...personal...
Tails:You can tell me! Your like a sis to me!
Pella:Ok...I think he's stronger than me...but...but...
Tails:But what?
Pella:*CRIES* I'm the weakest person he knows!!!!
Tails:-.- I'm pretty sure Charmy is...
Tails:You Want me to train you?
Pella:You would do that for me?
continue reading...
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posted by rougethebatfan9
Theme: Switch by Ashley Tisdale
Love/Crush: Wizard the Lunar Hedgehog
Home: Tech Crisis,Dead Line
Fav Colors: Red, Blue, Purple
Fav Food:She doesnt really eat much but she'll eat this werid Еда called "milas geanto"
Friends: Flame the Bat, Crazy the Hedgehog, Snow the Cat, Serenity the Hedgehog,Galaxy the Bat, Pualina the Rabbit, Satellite the Hedgehog
Enemies: Mirage the Bat, Aquamarine the Bat, Gizmo the Fox, Сиара the Hedgehog
Fav Drink: StarLight Dust.
Birth: August, 26, 1996
Personality: A futuristic Cosmic cat who loves to explore new galaxies and planets. she loves hangin out with Wizard. She plays a very important part in Dead Line... and thats making peace with the planets around hers. it can be very dangerous at times but shes tough enough to handle it. she likes conneting the dots with the stars in her free time.
 Eternity the Cosmic Cat
Eternity the Cosmic Cat
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