so in this chapter they will be talking to lord death and wait for it............ Lady паслен *gasp* thats right a special appearance by the infamous паслен happens in this chapter where they all meet and form the small group army for Lord Death.

Ch. 7
The Death Room
(The man all witches fear?)

Kisha seemed to be Холодное сердце to the spot as the man looked down at her. “I asked if Ты were Kisha, can’t Ты speak?” Takuto put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze before he spoke. “Yes she is, and I’m her weapon Takuto. Who are Ты exactly, Ты don’t look like the guy from the mirror.” The man smiled and then knelt down on a knee like an adult would to a child. “My name is Spirit, I am the death scythe for Lord Death. There’s no reason to be afraid little one I’m not going to hurt you.” Kisha furrowed her brows and pushed Spirit away from her, she wasn’t a little girl and she didn’t appreciate this man treating her like she was 6. “I’m not afraid of you, I just want to know where Lord Death is, he went through a lot of trouble to bring me here.” Spirit smiled and then walked to the mirror and tapped on the glass, “Lord Death the witch’s daughter is here.” No sooner had he spoken a large black shrouded figure came out of the glass, his hands were large white gloves and his face was a white mask with three prongs. His eyes were swirls of black within the white circles. This was Lord Death? This was the man her mother was afraid of, the man that tormented Aunt Medusa? It isn’t possible this guy looked like a clown to her. Lord Death came closer to Kisha and put an extended finger under her chin as he spoke, “So you’re the infamous Lady Kisha of the Hallows. I must say Ты don’t match the Описание that circulates around your legend.” Kisha shuddered and felt afraid as Lord Death spoke, his voice wasn’t frightening but it was the way his eyes seemed to peer all the way into her very soul. Kisha wondered why Takuto wasn’t doing anything to keep this guy from touching her. Takuto was just staring at what he saw how did this guy know about her name. Oh right he’s lord death he knows everything, he thought to himself. He didn’t want to cause a fight so he kept himself from pulling Kisha out of his grasp and stood there glaring at him. Lord Death let go of Kisha and she stumbled back getting caught in Takuto’s arms. “Well, seeing as Ты already know who I am, I guess your wondering why I decided to call Ты here.” Kisha shook her head, she knew very well why he wanted her there, he wanted her mother and she had the information he needed. But the fact remained she was her mother and it would mean betraying her which in Kisha’s mind was an equivalent of signing your own death warrant. “You want Lady Nightshade, and I’m the one that knows were all her tools and homes are. I want to help Ты Lord Death but I don’t know if I can trust you, Ты aren’t exactly know for your hospitality towards witches.” The small group shared a small gasp of shock as Kisha revealed her secret, Maka and Soul stood there in silence though since they already knew. Lord Death bounced slightly as he put a hand to his chin she guessed, she wasn’t exactly sure since he just looked like a giant black shroud with spikes and white перчатка, перчатки hands with a mask. “I see, well Ты already met crona haven’t you? I gave him hospitality and he’s also the son of a witch, your aunt medusa I believe.” Kisha pushed herself out of Takuto’s arms and glared at Lord Death as she spoke. “That’s not a good example, crona isn’t a witch! He’s a boy with a weapon that is apart of his very being. I on the other hand could just as easily be sliced apart by one of your students in the hope of turning their precious weapon into a death scythe all for you!” Kisha was starting to grow her dark black aura around her again as she yelled at Lord Death, everyone in the room was staring in shock. No one had yelled at Lord Death before, and even the fact it was a witch doing this was even еще surprising. Lord Death looked at her and then reached down picking her up by her куртка and held her up. “Ah hey! Put me down Ты jerk!!” Kisha squirmed and struggled as she was held up in front of Lord Death. “Now now there’s no need for Ты to be so angry at me Lady Kisha, stop squirming so или your going to fall out of your jacket.” Kisha didn’t listen and her aura grew darker as she started falling out of her jacket. Takuto watched in confusion at this scene before him, he wasn’t sure whether to be angry или laughing. He hadn’t seen someone treat her this way before and it was quite amusing. Soon his confusion turned to horror as Kisha fell out and landed on the ground roughly. Kisha was a very small person compared to Lord Death who towered a great 8 feet above them. Kisha was only 5 feet tall and so it was a nasty fall for her, but the horror was not in the fall itself but in the markings that were now revealed. Her рубашка had come up and revealed the massive markings spread across her back. A black dragon, a black demon looking creature, Волки and everything a person’s worst nightmare could hold was carved and etched into the skin of her back in dark black ink. “Lady Kisha, the Queen of nightmares, the Энджел of darkness, and the princess of the hallows. Your story is not unknown to the teachers of this academy, and yet Ты survived a class period. If Ты were in danger Ты would not be standing in my presence right now.” Lord Death’s mask was still cartoon like but he was bent over as he talked to Kisha almost like he was chiding her. Takuto grew furious at this mocking and pulled her рубашка back down and held Kisha close to him as he glared at Lord Death. “You just spoke a contradiction, she didn’t come here to be chided and treated like a child. She came to help Ты find her mother. She is worried about her safety and why shouldn’t she be, she is a witch no matter how much she tries to hide it. And I for one am not going to stand here and let Ты treat her this way!” Kisha was refusing to Показать her face she was far too embarrassed at the way she was treated and what was worse is that her markings were shown, the sign of a powerful witch. All great and powerful witches медведь the marks of their powers on their skin. Aunt Medusa had snakes on her arms and Aunt Arachne had паук webs going to her chest from her throat. Mother паслен had demons and shadowy Обои on her body. Kisha controlled shadows and darkness, anything she wanted to manifest she could create from the dark. Lord Death leaned back up and nodded или bounced they weren’t sure. “I see, well then I apologize for treating Ты as children, but Ты are children and I can assure both of Ты that no harm will come to you. It is against the academy to harm students, so as long as Ты remain so no one will hurt you.” Kisha moved out of Takuto’s arms again and stood up pulling her куртка back on. At least she felt comforted by knowing that this would be true. She didn’t think it would be a proper school if students were constantly in danger by the teachers. “Lord Death, I will help the academy as much as I can what do Ты need to know.” Everyone in the room seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as Kisha had a calm expression on her face. Her aura was slowly fading as she calmed down. Lord Death bounced again and exclaimed. “Terrific! Now as Ты know your mother..” Kisha cut him off by speaking, “Don’t call her my mother, a mother is someone who comforts and loves you. That woman wouldn’t know what Любовь is if someone loved her themselves.” “Oh really? So are Ты saying the way I raised Ты was wrong.” Kisha’s eyes grew wide with fear as she heard that voice echo in the room. “M.. Mo..Mother Nightshade?” Kisha walked closer to the mirror and then stopped as it began to waver and a woman stood in the frame smiling. She was dressed in a black corset with blood red threads down the front keeping it closed with two Волки spread on each arm with the mouth opened as if to eat her shoulder. She had black bands that had hooks on her forearm as they were crossed across her chest. She had black pants on that looked torn at the end as dark gray shadows adorned her feet and ankles. Her hair was cut medium and was a dark reddish brown as it rested to her shoulders with those cold blue eyes that sent shivers down Kisha’s spine. “Hello Kisha did Ты miss your mother? I have missed Ты oh so terribly, won’t Ты come back home. We have much to talk about Ты and I.” Kisha whimpered as she looked at her mother in the mirror. How did she find her? She was in the death room, a place impenetrable by witches from the outside. How did she manage to appear in the mirror? Lord Death came up to beside her and then spoke, “Lady паслен what an unexpected surprise.” Lord Death moved to in front of Kisha blocking паслен from seeing her as Takuto put his arms around her and pulled her away. Kisha buried her face in his chest and shook slightly, she was truly afraid that her mother found her once again. What was worse is that she was inside the academy walls a place she believed could not be reached by her mother. Then again Aunt Medusa managed to be a teacher here for quite some time before being found out. “Hello Lord Death, I see you’ve changed your appearance.” Lord Death seemed to keep bouncing so Kisha and Takuto assumed this was him nodding as he spoke, “Yes I had to because my old look frightened all the children I recruited. Now how is it Ты are contacting me right now?” Lady паслен chuckled as she listened to the cartoonish voice of Lord Death as she responded, “I overheard one of your precious students reciting a phrase and then saw Ты appear. So now I have a way of dealing with Ты about a small personal matter. Its nothing big really, its just Ты seem to have taken my daughter into your academy without gaining my permission. Naturally I thought to myself, all parents have a right to their children and as to what they are able to do. I do not consent to my child being at that academy and I would be very grateful if Ты would just give her back to me.” Kisha kept shaking as she heard her mother talk about her. Kisha stood up and looked around Lord Death like a child trying to peek around the corner. Her eyes met her mothers and she stumbled back as her body shook more. “I’m afraid the decision to come back is entirely your daughters. This is a family matter in which I have no control, however I do have control on this.” Lord Death raised his hand and soon the image of her mother started to fade away. Lady паслен was screaming but it was silent as the mirror faded back to how it was originally, blank and empty. Lord Death turned and looked at Kisha as she sat on the ground her eyes wide in fear and her body shaking. “Kisha are Ты all right? Do we need to get Ты the nurse?” Lord Death asked as he bent down to look at the quaking student. Kisha shook her head and began sniffling as she held back tears. Her own mother сказал(-а) things that Kisha knew were lies. паслен only wanted her back because she wanted to continue where she left off. Takuto moved towards Kisha and put his arms around her again and whispered in her ear. “It’s all right, I won’t let her take Ты back, and I don’t think anyone else here will either.” Kisha grabbed Takuto’s arms with her hands as she tried to bury herself within his embrace. Kisha looked up at Lord Death who stood there looking at her with those empty eyes. “Lord Death, I want to help the academy in every way I can, but I need to know that if I help you, I will be protected by the academy.” Lord Death bounced a little and then held a very large hand или перчатка, перчатки thing out to her and said, “All students of the academy are under the protection of the academy, so yes Ты will be protected miss Kisha.” Kisha took his hand lightly and he pulled her up, Maka walked over to Kisha and held her hand out smiling. “Don’t worry Kisha we’ll protect Ты too, so what do Ты say?” Kisha looked at Maka’s hand and then at the small group who was now smiling at her. Kisha didn’t know what to think, these people just found out she was a witch and yet they were smiling. Was it a trap? No, the smile Maka wore was too sincere to be a trick. Kisha looked back at Maka and then looked at her hand again as she pondered whether или not to put her faith in these people she barely knew. Her entire life the only one she could depend on was Takuto and yet these people were opening up to her and offering her a sanctuary. Kisha shook Maka’s hand and smiled, not a very big smile but it was a smile nonetheless. “I say that I am officially the first witch student of the DWMA.” Takuto was standing behind Kisha as she shook Maka’s hand, he watched as the girl he protected for most of his life was now leaning against someone else. Why did this bother him? He should be happy she was branching out and yet he wasn’t. Something didn’t seem right, he felt Lord Death was hiding a little fact from them and he wasn’t going to put all his faith in what this goofy looking man said. Takuto put on a smile and then patted Maka’s head ruffling up her hair. “Looks like we got a lot of information to talk about, how about we start it over dinner.” Everyone had walked over and formed a small круг around Kisha and Maka as Takuto spoke. A unison of head nodding spread and soon everyone filed out of the Death Room leaving Spirit and Lord Death alone in the room. “Lord Death.” Spirit сказал(-а) as soon as the doors were closed. “Yes what is it Spirit, I can tell something is troubling you.” Spirit walked closer to Lord Death as he ran his fingers through his hair. “That girl, Kisha, she has very dangerous powers are Ты sure Ты want her walking around the academy unsupervised?” Lord Death turned and looked at spirit as he replied, “It is true that Kisha is far еще powerful than she realizes and the fact her emotions seem to trigger them is another threat. However that weapon of hers seems to keep her in check. We must take in the fact that her weapon Takuto from what Maka has told us never leaves Kisha side. This is good for us since this means Kisha will always be under supervision, even if it isn’t one of our teachers.” This answer didn’t really satisfy spirit as he groaned and looked at the door. “But what if her weapon can’t keep her in check when she loses control.” Lord Death turned and looked at his mirror as he contemplated what his death scythe said. “Then if that happens, we will assign a supervisor to stay with her, but until such a time is called for we will put a little trust in them. They trust us so it is only fair we return that trust.” Spirit nodded and then leaned against the mirror as the conversation ended. What was really bothering him was that his little girl Maka was so closely involved with the witch girl that he feared she may be injured. Spirit pushed these thoughts aside and reminded himself that Maka was a very strong girl and she would be fine. Still the nagging thought persisted as he stood in silence in the Death Room.