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Рапунцель - Запутанная история
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Three years of asking. Three years of waiting. Three years of studying. Three years eventually paid off.
Three years of asking, "Rapunzel, let's ditch the studying- c'mon, let's get married!"
And each time she would giggle. "Eugene, Ты know we're not aloud until our studying for becoming king and Queen has paid off. Ты know I would Любовь to, but I'm not one to break the rules, Ты know that."
Eugene put his arm around her and smiled, pulling her close. "But I am."
Giving a sarcastic laugh, Rapunzel grabbed his рубашка воротник and pressed her lips to his. Pulling away, she stared into his eyes, smiling...
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Eugine [narrating]:Hi.You remember me. Im Euguine Fitzherbet, and this is the story of how i saved the woman I love, and It starts, with me In bed.I had been dating Rapunzel for nearly a year, and I was working towards proposing, slowly, but surley. Anyway, in one day, our relationship got kinda difficult;

[Close up of Eugine lying in bed, suddenly, Pascal's tounge flies into his ear, and he wakes up in shock]


Rapunzel[Looming over him with two cups of coffee]:Morning!

Eugine[Rubbing his eyes to wake himself up]:Urgh...morning... what time is It?How long have Ты been awake?[Looks...
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