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posted by Tunic
13? WTF happened to 11+12?

Well just to get up to date, I went to 13. P.S there wasn't a 11 или 12, just Oceans eight или nine is actually episode 13. I'M UP to episode 13 right now, (oceans eight или nine) but somehow it came up as episode 11 so I had to re-arrange numbers.

No challenge this time! a WHOLE handful of DRAMA.
Courtney has a heart! Wtf?
Someone kisses Noah, and it WASN'T Raynie.

If Ты have ANY problems about this challenge being missed, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE message me and I WILL do one! Two еще days 'till Episode 14+15 are out, so i'll get еще to write about!!

A free день of no...
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posted by Tunic
 Owen, Duncan and a Monster!
Owen, Duncan and a Monster!
Alice's POV:

It was the first shooting день of TDA! I was way excited. The white safariish car picked me up, and soon enough I was with ALL of my Назад friends.
"Uhh. Where's Tyler?" Lindsay said
"He is out of the game, noob." Harold breathed.
"When will she learn?" Gwen smirked to Trent, Trent grinning back.
surprisingly Noah and Cody were here. And an new girl, Raynie.
No playing tricks on Raynie, She looked like a smart cookie.
"Hi guys. I'm Alice." I beamed happily, looking over to Cody, who was gently nodding.
"I know who Ты are," He smirked at me with a wink. I looked confused.
"That's just...
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posted by Tunic
Raynie’s POV: I’m awake.
IT’S HORRIBLY HOT. Chris forces us to follow him to the Далее challenge.
He is dressed in a LOUSY cowboy outfit.
“Nice outfit.” Noah teases.
I think I have a cold, so I convince Noah to share his water with me. He is so sweet.
I try to Kiss him but he tells me to bug off because I have a cold!
So, Chris leads us to a disappointed мул thing.
We have to jump 700 feet and LAND on the horse.
“As usual, Killer Grips, Ты can go first.” Chris smiled.
We groaned.
Trent went first, getting his legs in position, but he hit the floor.
Harold and Duncan hit together, Duncan...
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posted by Tunic
Yes, 15 IS coming. so check back later so I can Редактировать this!! About tomorrow или friday this'll be done. Далее wednesday is my bday, saturday&sun is my party, thursday I have a club after school, so I am busy.

Just making sure:


All made up girls, And credit goes to TDA!


the post will come tomorrow, или Friday.


Yes, I skipped 14. Don't ask whyy D=

Alice's POV:

Oh gosh.
I woke up in my tent again. It was SO dark and it was.. 6am! WTF?
I went back to sleep.
No, I can't..
But I can't be bothered to have one now!...
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EVERYBODY IS GONNA COME BACK 2 TDA proof:ya know how courtney was in the opening Поцелуи dunkan well at the end of the opening everybody (all 22 campers)
were sitting on the bleachers of the aftermath so they are all coming back i just figured this out while i was Письмо a difforent artical omj im so EXCITED r u Комментарий please look at the opening pic below holy sh*t wow!!!!!!!!!!!! omj im so excited to watch the rest of the episodes after there done postponing but wow everybody comes back arent Ты excited plzzzzzzzzzzzzz comment
 see everbody
see everbody
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Surprise at the end
Will Cody come back?
Will I eliminate Justin?
Will I EVER get еще fans?
Will I stop asking these questions?





Dear mom and dad i'm doing fine, Ты guys are on my mind, Ты asked me what I wanted to be and now I think the answer is plain to see. I wanna be famous.


Alice: Actually it starts with MY POV:
Courtney: If MY POV isn't here then I'M getting MY lawyers!
All: o_O

Alice’s POV:

Ugh. Woke up again.
Bored as hell.
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--Part Two—

Raynie’s POV:

“Pfft. No Ты will NOT. You’ll scream like a girl and used my body to shield yourself.” I said
“I’d be lucky if Ты even stood in front of me if I got scared.” I hissed
“What makes Ты think Ты can guard yourself?” Noah smiled.
“Pfft. I’m fearless.” I smiled.
I saw a spider, a MASSIVE black one run across my leg.
I froze for a few minutes, then exploded
“A FRICKEN SPIDER! A F****** SPIDER! RAN ACROSS MY LEG! IT COULD’VE BITTEN ME! ARRGHHH!!!” I screamed, Noah paused then burst out laughing.
“See. I Totally handled it.” I said, wiping my...
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