Ever wish Ты got a shoulder to lean on?
Ever wish Ты weren't always cryin' in the rain?
Ever wish Ты weren't always so lonely, girl?
Ever wish Ты could fly?

In the darkness,
I've always leaned on my shoulder
Who always saw who I really was
Never mistook me for someone else

I'm just a small shadow
Cowering in the rain
But once I got my shoulder
Boy, I feel so strong

The shoulder who always saw through me
The person who always knew what I felt
The person who always stayed by my side
My faithful friend through rain and hail

Did Ты ever know Ты were my shoulder?
Did Ты ever know I would never be
Something without you
I would be nothing if Ты weren't with me

Thanks for the memories
Ты gave me,
Ты were really my legend idol
I wish Ты could stay with me all my life long

You're my shoulder to lean on
My подушка to cry on
My amazing friend to cry with
A person to hold on forever and forever

You're my amazing friend
I don't know what I would be without you
I would be like a speck of dust
In the dry and empty desert....

Thanks for being my shoulder to lean on
When things got rough...
I'll never be able to repay you...
Cuz Ты made my life the best it could ever be.