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Anyone no any good heartbroken songs?? I was heartbroken 2 days ago........

 stenny14 posted Больше года
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lauracullen66 said:
sorry to hear that :(

taylor быстрый, стремительный, свифт writes a lot of songs about сердце break, try white horse
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posted Больше года 
kellyclarkson12 said:

I'm sorry to hear that.........Try these songs:
-Beyonce-Broken-hearted girl
-Kelly Clarkson-Already Gone
-Taylor Swift-Teardrops On My Guitar
-Kelly Clarkson-Cry
-Avril Lavigne-Nobody's Home
-Avril Lavigne-My Happy Ending
-Avril Lavigne-Keep Holding On
-Justin Timberlake-Cry Me a River
-Justin Timberlake-What goes around comes around
-Kelly Clarkson-Behind These Hazel Eyes
-Kelly Clarkson-Since Ты Been Gone
-Britney Spears-Everytime
-Britney Spears-I'm not a girl,not yet a woman
- 9 Days-Story of a girl
-Green Day-21 Guns
-Green Day-Boulevard of Broken Dreams
-Green Day-Wake me up when september ends
-Kelly Clarkson-A moment like this
-Taylor Swift-The Way I Loved You
-Taylor Swift-White Horse
-Bethany Joy Galeotti-Quicksand
-Bethany Joy Galeotti and Tyler Hilton-When the stars go blue
-Bethany Joy Galeotti-Let Me Fall
-Bethany Joy Galeotti-Halo

Try these songs!!!They are all about heartbreak!!
They are very nice songs!
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posted Больше года 
Waca said:
Oh I'm sorry..:( Ты can try with Evanescence-My Immortal или Red-Pieces или Daughtry-Call your name..I don't know do Ты like rock Музыка but this are rock ballads somehow :) I hope Ты get on well ;)
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posted Больше года 
Twilight123e said:
All by Myself-celine Dion.
sorry i had to
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posted Больше года 
Jacoblackswife said:
Winter Air by Annasay ...such a good song
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posted Больше года 
ScottishChic said:
I'm sorry about that...

Left Me On A Friday- Leona Lewis
Любовь Letter- Leona Lewis
Happy- Leona Lewis
Take A Bow- Leona Lewis
Irreplacable- Beyonce
Because of you- Kelly Clarkson
Losing you- Kelly Clarkson

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posted Больше года 
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