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Ты sit there, sipping on your wine. Watching professors, researchers, scientists, and even psychologists receiving awards. Of course they would invite you. They could care less about your studies, lectures, and findings. They just thought Ты were crazy; just like your grandfather. He was a great scientist, your role model. His theories, findings, discoveries were out of this planet. The whole town called him crazy, сказал(-а) he believed in myths and that nothing was a fact. They laughed at him when he claimed that there was an eighth millennium item. She had read many journals about it after he...
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posted by InvaderEleanor
First name: Kari
Middle name: Nicole Rose
Last name: Moto
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Sexual Orientation:None
Blood Type:A/B+
Financial Class (Upper-class, Lower-class, ect.):Middle class

Personality:Kind, weird, stubborn
Likes: waffles, tacos, powerful cards, Yugi, freinds
Dislikes: Kaiba, Pegasus
Hobbies:Dueling, sleeping, reading
Fears: Losing family
Weaknesses: CHOCOLATE

Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Person: Joey
Favorite Duel Monster: Summoned Skull
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite time of day:Noon

Least Избранное Food:Caviar
Least Избранное Person:Kaiba
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posted by Courtneyfan6
Cool Hwhip

(Kaiba won a pie from Serenity and it's made of apples, cinnamon and her hair.)

Yami: Oh, Kaiba, Ты got some pie, uh? Can I have a piece of it?

Kaiba: Uh, sure.

Yami: Ooh, let me have some of that Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: What'd Ты say?

Yami: Ты can't have a pie without Cool Hwhip. (He puts cool whip on his pie)

Kaiba: Cool Hwhip?

Yami: Cool Hwhip, ya.

Kaiba: Ты mean Cool Whip?

Yami: Ya, Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: Cool Whip.

Yami: Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: Cool Whip.

Yami: Cool Hwhip.

Kaiba: You're saying it weird, why are Ты putting so much emphasis on the H?

Yami: What are Ты talking about? I'm just saying...
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posted by DusanIvanovic
Ever wanted to cheat?So easy,there are a lot ways.
1.Prepare deck,and on turns Ты have just a strong cards like Dark Magician,Blue Eyes White Dragon (i have it not deck of it) and many more!
2.Use a strongest card in one turn.
3.Never ever say that Ты listened to this Статья cause,people will look at it and cheat against Ты be careful.
4.Last turn,you have to choose a strongest card EVER to beat your opponent easy.
5.Drop all weak and useless cards.
Look at those cards,they are so easy to cheat with.
Hope Ты enjoyed cheating.
If Ты have some weak cards,you can go to Магазин tommorow или today/tonight или some another day.Then,drop every weak cards (they have like a 900 and less (1000 and еще is stronger) like a Kuriboh haves less than that).
posted by Courtneyfan6
[Yami and Kaiba is finishing with their double дата with чай and Serenity and walking down the road towards Domino City]
Yami: So, чай had a beautiful short red dress and looked amazing!
Kaiba: Yami…
Yami: So, I told her…
Kaiba: Yami…
Yami: That she is beautiful.
Kaiba: Yami: look!
[Then they saw where we are shown a tall building]
Yami: Wow, what is this?
Joey: Good morning! The Wheeler Towers is now opened for business.
Kaiba: еще like Dorkland Towers to me.
Yami: Why did Ты build a hotel, Joey?
Joey: I'm glad Ты asked, man. Remember when Mai and I went to our vacation and stayed in that fancy...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Number 101: Silent Honors Ark Knight

Number C101: Silent Honors Dark Knight

Number 102: звезда Seraph Sentry

Number C102: Fallen звезда Seraph - Noble Archfiend

Number 103: Ragna Zero

Number C103: Ragna Infinity

Number 104: Маскарад

Number C104: Umbral Horror Маскарад

Number 105: Battlin' боксер звезда Cestus

Number C105: Battlin' боксер Comet Cestus

Number 106: Giant Hand

Number C106: Giant Red Hand

Number 107: Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon

Number C107: Neo Galaxy Eyes Tachyon Dragon

Number 108: Sludgeman Golem

Number C108: Deathman Golem

Number 109: Dragon Emperor - Blood

Number C109: Dragon Emperor - Blood Crimson

Number 110: Exo-Suit Slick Dusk

Number C110: EXO Suit Grime Night
posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters x25

Umbral Horror Ghoul x2
Umrbal Horror Unform x2
Umbral Horror Will o' the Wisp x3
Malicevorous Spoon x2
Malicevorous Fork x3
Malicevorous нож x3
Gil Garth x2
Legendary Fiend x1
Dark Jeroid x2
Bowganian x2
Drillage x2
Sangan x1

Spells x15

Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force x3
Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force x2
Xyz Unit x2
Ego Boost x2
Shrink x3
Rush Recklessly x3

Traps x15

Reverse Glasses x2
Spikeshield with Chain x3
Number Стена x2
Utopian Aura x2
Magic Cylinder x2
Draining Shield x3
Xyz Effect x1

Extra Deck x

Number 96: Dark Mist x2
Number C96: Dark Storm x1
Number 65: Djinn Buster x2
Number C65: Judge Doom the Adjudicutter King x1
Number 66: Master Key Beetle x3
Number 104: Маскарад x2
Number C104: Umbral Horror Маскарад x1
posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters x20

звезда Seraph Scout x3
звезда Seraph Sage x2
звезда Seraph Sword x2
Splendid Venus x1
Hecatrice x1
Shining Энджел x3
Nova Summoner x2
Honest x3
Marshmallon x3
Athena x1

Spells x15

Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force x2
Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force x1
Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen x2
Sanctuary in the Sky x1
Celestial Transformation x2
Photon Lead x3
Photon Booster x2
Xyz Booster x2

Traps x15

Lumenize x2
Trap Hole x3
Draining Shield x3
Shadow Spell x3
Dust Tornado x3
Dark Bribe x1

Extra Deck x8

Number 102: звезда Seraph Sentry x2
Number 39: Utopia x2
Number C39: Utopia луч, рэй Victory x1
Number 44: Sky Pegasus x3
1.Joey Wheeler
2.Seto Kaiba
3.Ryo Bakura
4.Yami Bakura
5.Yugi Muto
6.Yami Yugi
7.Tristan Taylor
8.Mokuba Kaiba
9.Marik Ishtar
10.Tea Gardner
11.Mai Valentine
12.Princess Adena(not really but she is cute, and looks exactly like mokuba)
13.Duke Devlin
1.Jack Atlas
2.Yusei Fudo
3.Crow Hogan
4.Leo & Luna
5.Kalin Kessler
6.Leo & Luna
8.Rex Goodwin
9.Akiza Izinski

1.Chazz Princeton
2.Jaden Yuki
3.Syrus Truesdale
4.Zane Truesdale
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters x25:

Demonized Spoon x2
Demonized Fork x2
Demonized нож x2
Lucky Death Shooter x3
Lucky Grave Robber x2
Lucky Chained Giant x2
Goo Eyeball x1
Goo Arm x1
Goo Leg x1
Goo Armor x1
Goo Replacement Part x3
Rockwater черепаха x1
Rocksky Dragon x1
Death Battle Chariot - The Witch x3

Spells x20:

Demonizer 400 x2
Increased Odds x3
Fat Chance x3
Runamuck Rolling x2
Orchid Beatstick x2
Transform Spell x2
Shadow System x2
Shadow Cycle x2
Shade Beam x2

Traps x20:

Dimensional Darkness x2
Dimensional Aquatics x2
Dimensional Earth x2
Dimensional Storm x2
Dimensional Twister x2
Dimensional Earthquake x2
Dimensional Lightning x2
Dimensional Thunder x2
Dimensional Forrest огонь x2
Dimensional Blizzard x2

Extra Deck:

Striker 056: Armored Darkness Beetle
Striker 098: Storm Creator
Striker 055: Phantom Magician
posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters x25:

волк Lancer x2
волк Sword Knight x1
волк Shield Knight x1
волк Elf x1
волк Rescue x1
волк Buster x2
волк Ghost x1
волк Speeder x1
Ookamikuriboh x3
Raccoon Archer x2
лиса, фокс Magician x2
лиса, фокс Girl x1
Polecat Driller x2
Polecat Watchman x1
хорек Gambler x2
хорек Mage x2

Spells x20:

Anima Wand x2
Anima Thunder x2
Anima Revenge x2
Shotpot x2
Lovely Distraction x1
Striker Blade x2
Striker Gift x1
Striker's Appeal to Others x2
All-out Force x3
Gardna's Shield x2
Call of the Light x3

Traps x20:

Anima Fever x2
Anima Rush x2
Warrior Copy x2
Warrior Shine x2
Striker Reborn x2
Striker Shield x2
Striker Rage! x2
Idiots Trap x3
Limits Break x3

Extra Deck x:

Striker 025: волк Knight King x1
Striker 033: Laval Phantom x1
Striker 067: Gem Knight Helenite x1
Striker 041: Gusto Shorebill x1
Striker 074: Gishiki Lamprey x1
Striker 022: Wind-Up Zentwister x1
Striker 018: Gear Gigant Z x1
posted by BlondLionEzel

Small Piece Golem
Medium Piece Golem
Large Piece Golem
Sinister звездочка, звездочки
Dark Resonator
Twin Shield Defender
Mad Archfiend
Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode
Trap Eater
Twin Sword Marauder
Dark Tinker
Strong Wind Dragon
Ogre of the Scarlet Shadow
Battle Fader
Power Supplier
Magic Hole Golem
Power Invader
Dark Bug
Sword Master
Archfiend Interceptor
Dread Dragon
Trust Guardian
Power Giant
Vice Berserker
Lance Archfiend
Power Breaker
Flare Resonator
Synchro Magnet
Barrier Resonator
Force Resonator
Clock Resonator

Synchro Monsters:

Red Dragon Archfiend
Exploder Dragonwing
Majestic Red Dragon
Chaos King Archfiend
Dark Highlander
Sirius the Blue Dog Star

Fusion Monsters:

Multiple Piece Golem
Girl's P.O.V.

It was cold, and I curled up under the small blanket in the улица, уличный ally. I cannot believe my mom through me out! She's such a mean person....why I'd like to.........car lights? I closed my eyes and waited for the car to stop.
"Hello?" It was a guy, I peeked up and saw it was Yugi Muto, I couldn't believe this! I stood.
"Hi." I breathed, he looked shocked at first.
"Are Ты alright?" He asked, I nodded no. "Do Ты need a place to stay?" He asked, all I did was nod. He picked me up and placed me in the back of his car. A girl was sitting up front, she had short hair, and looked really...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Monsters (x20)

Poseidra, The Atlantean Dragon (x2)
Atlantean Dragoons (x2)
Atlantean Marksman (x2)
Atlantean Heavy Infantry (x2)
Atlantean Attack Squad (x2)
Deep Sea Diva (x2)
Tridon, the Atlantean Emperor (x2)
Deep Diver (x2)
Mother Grizzly (x3)
Snowman Eater (x1)

Spells (x15):

Call of the Atlanteans (x3)
Salvage (x2)
Surface (x3)
Water Hazard (x1)
Mystical Космос Typhoon (x3)
Aqua Jet (x3)

Traps (x15)

Aegis of the Dragon Lord (x2)
Spiritual Water Art - Aoi (x1)
Poseidon Waves (x3)
Bubble Bringer (x2)
Icy Crevasse (x3)
Damage Diet (x2)
Mirror Force (x2)

Extra Deck (x10):

Number 32: акула селезень, дрейк (x1)
Gagagigo the Risin (x1)
Snowdust Giant (x1)
Number 17: Leviathan Dragon (x2)
Abyss Dweller (x1)
Aero акула (x2)
Black луч, рэй Lancer (x2)
posted by malandcar
A large knock at the the door awoke Yugi. The knock was at the front door. I’d better go see who’s at the door, a sleepy Yugi thought. He walked down to the door and opened it. There he found a girl. She was wet, as it was raining outside.
“May I spend the night here? It’s raining and I can’t find anywhere else to stay,” the girl said.
    “Ummmm, I’ll be right back,” Yugi replied as he went to ask his grandfather.
    “Grandpa, grandpa, wake up!” Yugi said, waking his grandfather.
    “What, what? Oh, it’s...
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posted by AquoMoon
monsters x21

2x Yubel
1x Terror Incarnate
1x The Ultimate Nightmare
1x Wicked Eraser
1x Neos wiseman
1x E-Hero Neos
1x радуга Dark Dragon
1x Relinquished
1x Gil Garth
1x Ogre of the Scarlet Stone
1x Familiar Knight
1x Newdoria
1x Mask of Darkness
1x Sangan
1x Witch of the Black Forest
1X Makyura the Destructor
1x Snipe Hunter
1x Gravekeepers Guard
2x Destiny Hero Malicious
1x Exarion Universe
1x Treebon Frog

spells x13

1x Poison of the old man
1x Black Illusion Ritual
1x Heavy Storm
1x Book of Moon
1x Share the pain
1x Dark Hole
1x Nightmare Steelcage
1x Change of сердце
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Fiend's...
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posted by PYGMSfan5
Exceed Monsters:
- Number 34: Terror-Byte
- Number 39: Utopia
- Grenosaurus
- Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
- Muzurhythm the String Djinn
- Melomelody the бас, бас-гитара Djinn

Normal Monsters:
- Spirit of the Harp
- Frostosaurus
- Alexandrite Dragon

Effect Monsters:
- Freed the Matchless General
- Shining Энджел (2x)
- Giant крыса (2x)
- Zubaba Knight
- Ganbara Knight
- Cyber Dragon
- Goblindbergh
- Marauding Captain
- Gogogo Giant
- Gogogo Golem
- Chiron the Mage
- Trident Warrior
- Feedback Warrior
- Sangan
- Yaksha
- Grave Protector
- Greenkappa
- Shine Knight
- Amazoness Sage
- пингвин Soldier
- Power Giant

Spell Cards:
- Blustering...
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posted by Awesome-Blossom
Yugi sat watching the magician play with her hair, and wanted to talk to her. The only thing was he couldn't stop staring. He couldn't believe Yami had really made her real! And for him to be happy at that.... But Yami cared.
"Yugi!" The magician called, and Yugi perked up.
"Dark Magician Girl!" Yugi called back excitedly.
"How are you?" She asked, smiling.
"I'm okay now that your here." Yugi smiled and DMG blushed.
"Yugi, is there an other name Ты can call me?" She asked her eyes hopeful to tell him her real name.
"Sure, what would Ты like me to call you?" Yugi asked tilting his head, he really...
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posted by Awesome-Blossom
Tea, and Yugi walked down the улица, уличный hand in hand after recently getting together. Although, Yugi didn't fill anything when чай kissed him, but Tea's сердце flue! What could he do? Tell her about his little crush on DMG? 'No,' he thought. 'There's no way she'd let me off the hook. She'd probably rant about how she was a duel monster and it would never work. Maybe I could explain to her that Yami could bring her to life? Hum?? No, it won't work.' He ended his thoughts when чай kissed his cheek.

"Yugi?" She asked tilting her head, and focusing on his lips.
"Yes Tea?" He smiled at her.
"Do Ты love...
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I fairly opend my eyes, a swaying motion rocked me like being in a crib. I opend my eyes a little еще to see Yugi above me, I was in his arms. I closed my eyes for a moment, and he chukled, and I heard a key opening a door, click,click,click. It turned three times, and then I opend my eyes onley into slits, and a big wooden door swung open into a beautiful house. I opend my eyes in suprise, it was dark, but I could see the different colors, and funiture. It was a grand manson maybe. House. Building? I didn't know, but it overwhelmed me, and I decided to close my eyes once еще dozing off a...
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