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Lilac_VS_Tails сказал(-а) …
Now days i Любовь MLP Friendship Is Magic! I just finshed making my first MLP Фан characters. There is: LoveLace the Pegasus and her little sister FeatherDust the Pegasus, Princess Rainboom (who is only a pegasus) and her sister IcedLove (who is an alicorn), and i finally finished re-creating Periwinkle the Unicorn. Periwinkle is really good at magic like Twilight Sparkle is. Also Princess Rainboom is fast on her hooves and every time she flies into the air she makes a Sonic Rainboom. Опубликовано Больше года
Lilac_VS_Tails сказал(-а) …
I forgot to add that сирень has lavender мех with purple hair and a purple bow in her purple hair Опубликовано Больше года
Lilac_VS_Tails сказал(-а) …
Hi my name is Lilac_VS_Tails and i am really Silver's biggest fan. сирень is one of my many Фан characters. She is a lot like Tails. She is a mechanic just like Tails, and she is also a лиса, фокс like Tails. Her hairstyle looks exactly like Fiona's hairstyle except Lilac's hair is purple with a purple bow in it. And thats pretty much all about Lilac! If Ты are a person who wants to give someone a request but no one will take it, then ask me and will hand draw it exactly how Ты describe it! Опубликовано Больше года