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I really Любовь this cuz cam and karen are really loose and funny
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I know cameron. And he is a little strange. HE goes to the same school as me, SOCES. One thing is his freckles. IF Ты have ever seen him in person he has much еще freckles than Ты think he does. Second, he is very short. We are in fifth grade and i am 4'9. HE probably about 4'5, 4'6.Another thing is that he writes very interesting stories in english class. He also loves hugging high school girls. Him and his Друзья will go around the school hugging high school girls.It's fun to watch. Lastly, he likes to brake dance randomly in the middle of recces или lunch. Hope Ты learned about cameron. If Ты have any questions, just ask me!
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