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okay...first, i think that she is the one that Klaus & Elijah love, remember when Elijah saw the resemblance on Katerina? yup. And when Klaus сказал(-а) that Любовь is a vampire's greatest weakness, Elijah told him that he cared ones....uhm, Charlotte. Second, i think that she is NOT a doppelganger! she is the original petrova, katherine is the first petrova doppelganger & well...Elena is the second. Third, i think when she comes...probably on season 3, she might also Показать Catelle (probably kat's sister) and then we'll found out еще about the petrova family when TVD returns....my opinions =D let me know what u think?
шарлотка, шарлотта Petrova is the first Petrova Doppelganger. Her doppelganger is Katherine, and Katherine's doppelganger is Elena. It seems she is a vampire, born somewhere around 1200 and turned around 1220.

шарлотка, шарлотта may have been born between the years 1182 and 1183.
If she continues to exist, she would have an age of 827 to 828 years old, making her the strongest non-original vampire on the series.
When шарлотка, шарлотта was turned, she must have been 17 to 18 years old.
She will be the third character that Nina Dobrev will be playing, when she does appear in the series.
She could appear in "Know Thy Enemy".
She was used when the curse began, еще than 600 years.