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I really mean it! What would Ты be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would Ты be able to do if Письмо fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would Ты do if it's illegal to do a cover of your Избранное song on YouTube? What would Ты do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would Ты do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet...
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10 hades 2 words james WoOdS
9 cruela de vil Well her song was good
8 Pete ya know kingdom hearts 2 he threw explosives
7 gaston he was a real jerk throwing belle in a house trying to kill her friend then thinks he has a chance with her lol
6 captin hook "A Croc took mah hand D:"
5 urasla alright i had to put her some where here so here she is with her EeLs
4 barbosa he was imortal then at the end "I fEeL........ cOlD" XD
3 lord birkins those of Ты who dont know who he is watch Corpse Bride
2 scar just like his name this n@^! lion has a scar
1 judge claude frollo this dude freaked me the heck out of me now that i know what he was talking about while Пение hellfire I actually freaked out and showered for a week
#7. The Lion King: To Be Successful, Sometimes People Got to Die

Simba always knew that he was going to succeed his father, Mufasa, as the Далее Lion King. But fate liked spitting in poor little Simba's face, and his dear old dad got trampled to death by wildebeests. Of course, Mufasa's death was really caused by the evil Scar, Simba's uncle.
Later, all grown up, he reclaims his thrown and Scar suffers the double whammy of falling off a cliff and getting torn apart by hyenas. So after two particularly nasty and horrendous deaths, Simba finally becomes the lion king.
The Supposed Message:
We all...
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 "Remember Me, Eddie? When I killed your twin-brother, I talked JUST....LIKE....THISSS!"
"Remember Me, Eddie? When I killed your twin-brother, I talked JUST....LIKE....THISSS!"
I was looking at the review of Nostalgia Critic review on "The вверх 11 Most Scariest Moments in Kids Movies." I know Number 11 was The Wizard of Oz: The Wicked of the West throws огонь into the forset. "Wanna Play Ball?" Number 10 was the tunnel scene in "Charlie and the Шоколад Factory", and so on... But I really wanted Number 1 to be The True form of Judge Doom from this classic Дисней movie: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" When Judge Doom had the burning red eyes and a high-pitched voice. This scene is the most scariest scene in a kids movie. This Дисней film was about a detective named Eddie Valiant who is on the mission to see who framed a rabbit named Roger. Judge Doom killed Marvin Acme, R.K. Maroon, and Eddie Valiant's twin brother. Judge Doom created a poison liquid called "The Dip." I know the saddest Дисней moments in this film is Eddie Valiant telling Roger Rabbit a sad tale on how his twin-brother was killed by a toon.
Hello. I'm jessig and these are my вверх Дисней movie songs.

40: If I Never Knew You
39: Kiss The Girl
Little Mermaid
38: I Can Go the Distance
37: Любовь Will Find A Way
Lion King: Simba's Pride
36: Beauty and the Beast (Tale as Old as Time)
Beauty and the Beast
35: Цвета of the Wind
34: That's What Друзья Are For
Jungle Book
33: Trust In Me
Jungle Book
32: Can Ты Feel the Любовь Tonight?
Lion King
31: This is Love
30: Belle Notte
Lady and the Tramp
29: Mine
28: Baby Mine
27: Hi Ho
Snow White
26: Be Our Guest
Beauty and the Beast
25: I'll Make A Man Out...
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#75 Down In New Orleans
#74 He Lives In You
#73 A Guy Like You
#72 Mine Mine Mine!
#71 Honor Us All
#70 Once Upon A Time In New York City
#69 Gaston
#68 Savages
#67 Tranformation
#66 When We Are Human
#65 Cero To Hero
#64 A Girl Worth Fighing For
#63 Son Of Man
#62 Hellfire(I now that everybody loved but is a villain song)
#61 Candle In The Water
#60 Be Prepared
#59 Bella Notte
#58(TIE) Why Should I Worry? & Gonna Take There
#57 My World Of My Own
#56 Poor Aportunate Souls
#55 Strangers Like Me
#54 One Jump Ahead
#53 Dig A Little Depper
#52 The Work Song
#51 Baby Mine
i was looking about how Дисней Фаны Фан about Дисней i asked a couple of Дисней Dreamers i even asked myself LOL so here's what i got !!:

1-when Ты see anything about Дисней parks ( замок Показать ,parade .ride etc.) something comes from the bottom of you're сердце and make Ты Фан about Дисней like.. OH MY GOD I WANNA GOOOOOO!!!! and feel proud of Walt Дисней

2-when someone say that Дисней is for kids and they hate it ,i don't scream at them like Directioners i just say why ? :< или Ты have no childhood!!! или just say that Дисней was made for all ages and think that this person is boring and stopped in the inside but Ты hide it

3-when you're bored или not sometimes Ты just go and Поиск for Disney's new Фильмы tralir and etc

4-if Ты had an instagram Ты sometimes или always post about Дисней

5-you enjoy watching Дисней Фильмы

6- Ты always have that one Дисней Избранное movie

that's it !! hope Ты like it and admit it :)
A/N#1: So I watched "Pocahontas" today and I had forgotten how great of a movie it was, it's now my секунда favorite
disney movie. I have not watched the second...personally...I probably never will...soooo I'm just Письмо this on what
knowledge I have of the tale and if something is incorrect...or if there was a character death I'm not aware of...then they
are alive in my story...so yeah. This is just a chapter...I want to know how this will be received, but dont worry...in this
story our Избранное "Pocahontas" couple will be together. Okay! Enjoy!

Chapter 1:

My raven black hair whipped in the salty...
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#100 Goddbye Seen Forever
#99 Not In Nottingham
#98 The Three Caballeros
#97 The Journey
#96 Inspector Gathel
#95 Little April Shower
#94 The Siamese Cat Song
#93 I Can Forget About My Heart
#92 A звезда Is Born
#91 Best Of Friends
#90 Sing Sweet Nighttingle
#89 Les Posione
#88 Mother Knows Best
#87 My Last Hope
#86 Topsy Turvy
#85 No Way Out
#84 Hawaian Roller Coster Ride
#83 Pete King Of France
#82 Друзья From Another Side
#81 Casey Junior
#80 After Today
#79 Nobody Else Like You
#78 Arabian Nights
#77 The Gospel Truth
#76 He a Tramp
posted by housefrk
There’s been a lot of discrepancy of late surrounding the Дисней princesses, namely Мулан and Pocahontas, whether или not they should be princesses. I’m not here to Дебаты whether или not they should be (though I think they should be). I’m here to add a couple еще names to that list, the first one being Magara.

Hercules is the son of Zeus, who’s sort of the king of the gods, so Hercules is a prince. Shouldn’t that make Magara a princess? It’s kind of one of those fine lines, like Pocahontas, the daughter of a chief, and Mulan, the wife of a general, but I think if you’re going...
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