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As I was scrolling through tumblr around an час again, a certain new spoiler caught my attention from multiple blogs that I was following. The spoiler revealed that before the end of the upcoming season, there would be another Любовь interest for our dear Damon, which meant that a lot of DE fans, including me was just plain angry. What are the writers doing? Are they trying to ruin his character? All these thoughts were going through my head along with many DE fans, but then, when I evaluated that I had nothing to worry about.
Take things back to Rose, the new character introduced in her self...
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***Bear in mind, there are way еще Цитаты than this proving it, but these are the main ones!***

Because Stefan thinks so:

"You should keep using it, Stefan сказал(-а) voicelessly. Your influence over him is strongest."
- Stefan to Elena, about Damon. Midnight.

"Of one thing I am certain: he would never harm you. He loves you. How can he help it?"
- Stefan, on Damon, in a letter to Elena. Nightfall.

“You can pretend Ты don’t care. Ты can fool the whole world. But I know differently."
- Stefan, about Damon missing Elena. Dark Reunion.

"Damon is gone Elena. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry if I kept you...
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Деймон Сальваторе
Елена Гилберт
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I was thinking about this earlier today and it clicked to me that Stelena’s Любовь story has been a complete joke for a very long time. The writers really have screwed them up royally, but in my opinion I think they have been screwing them up badly since season 1. They have made SE just seem like an obstacle for DE all this time. What you’re about to read further down shows that Stelena has gotten to the point of being constantly mocked on the Показать because of the continuous contradictions and hypocritical moments and words shared between both S and E, especially the nonsense that comes out...
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A song that fits the triangle:

I took my love, I took it down
I climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
'Til the landslide brought it down

That song says a lot about how Elena and the way she is denying her Любовь for Damon and feeling stuck to all her past, not just the way she сказал(-а) to Matt, but in others ways too "I do feel stuck[...]I feel like…I’ve been holding on to the girl that was supposed to die here with her parents. The girl that had a normal life and didn’t fall in Любовь with vampires." Let's see the first line of the song:

I took...
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This one is pretty short but I've been so busy, hope Ты like it Комментарий and tell me what Ты think.

Elena’s POV
I woke up to find the curtains being draw open and Stefan gone. Every thing seemed a little fuzzy. I could see a figure walked towards me. I sat up in постель, кровати and rubbed my eyes.
“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Damon spoke softly. When things came back to focus I saw Damon half dressed, wearing just a pair of sweats.
I ran my fingers threw my hair pulling it out of my face. “Where’s Stefan.” “Not here, in fact it’s just Ты and me. Hungry?”
He got up and headed for the...
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Part 2! (:
Oh, and for anyone confused, everyone is human. Stefan & Damon aren't brothers, but best friends. Make еще sense now? [x

Elena’s POV
By Thursday night, I was beginning to think of chickening out of our date. That just wasn’t our type of thing to do. But I think the real reason I didn’t want to go was what he supposedly had planned for afterwards.
Sure, it may seem like no big deal, since I was obviously far from clean in that area. There was just something wrong about taking that from Stefan, knowing deep down that I’d rather be with someone else. It wasn’t fair any of...
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My first thought when I wake up goes to you
Just another день I have to get through
And I know I’m overreacting
And I know there are worse things
But right now I feel like I’ve Остаться в живых the only thing I knew

It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before
And though I want it to stop, I keep asking for more
Guess I rather wallow in hurt, instead of moving on
‘Cause I know the pain, the drama, the tragedy
The tears and the misery
Was worth it all

My last thought before I go to постель, кровати is one of despair
‘Cause I can’t figure out how to be when you’re not there
You’re all see, hear, all I can breathe
You haunt...
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Деймон Сальваторе
Дневники вампира
Елена Гилберт
stefan salvatore
Иэн Сомерхолдер
Нина Добрев
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Эй, guys :) Here is the final part of my fanfiction. I also might post a prologue sometime that takes place before the gang goes on the expedition. Well hope Ты enjoy this part.

Damon takes a deep breath, looks at her and says "I am doing all of this for Ты Elena! I already сказал(-а) that I wanted Ты to have a normal human life. After I heard what Rebekah did and Stefan picking the blond quarterback over you, I was furious! I know Ты are going to say that I should respect your decisions, but I Любовь Ты Elena and when Ты chose to risk your own life, Ты knew there was a good chance Ты would...
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